How to Fix BAD SYSTEM CONFIG INFO Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10?

We continue our series of articles covering troubleshooting of different blue screen of death errors on Windows 10 so that you can fix BSOD quickly and relatively hassle-free. This time we focus your attention on another nasty error called BAD SYSTEM CONFIG INFO. This error may happen in different scenarios. Some users report getting this error randomly while working with a PC, others can’t turn on a computer due to BAD SYSTEM CONFIG INFO blue screen of death.

Bad System Config Info BSOD – What Does it Mean?

As usual, let’s start with a simple explanation. Bad System Config Info error means that Windows Registry has errors or mismatches between registry keys and actual PC configuration what makes it clear why this error is called Bad System Config Info.


Before you start! We should warn you straight away before you start tinkering with your PC and troubleshooting Bad System Config Info error in Windows 10. Do not use any registry tweakers or so-called “optimizers”. This trash usually is the source of Bad System Config Info error. Remember, you don’t need any Registry cleaners or boosters! Windows is capable of maintaining its Registry safe and sound unless you start trashing it with third-party software or manually.

How to Fix Bad System Config Info BSOD in Windows 10?

First, try to recall when was the first time you saw this error on your PC. Did that happen after you changed some registry keys or installed additional hardware? If so, try the following:

Rest your BIOS. Begin with resetting your BIOS settings to optimized defaults. This solves Bad System Config Info error in Windows 10 in 100% cases when user changes drive mode using registry tweaks (IDE / AHCI).

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Safe Mode. Boot your PC in Safe Mode. Wait for the system to load properly, then restart a computer back in normal mode. Why this may be useful? The thing is that Windows rewrites some registry keys in Safe Mode with actual data. This may solve mismatches and errors in the Registry.

Cleaning up previous drivers. Did you swap your GPU or any other hardware? Again, launch your PC in Safe Mode and remove all drivers entirely. Next, download a driver from the official website and install it as usual. Also, consider it as a rule of thumb to reinstall Windows each time you replace or upgrade GPU, CPU and other crucial components of your PC. This ensures the best compatibility with zero conflicts with the bits of previous software.

Restore Points. To avoid Bad System Config Info BSOD in the future, be sure to use the feature called Restore Points. It generates restore point with Registry backup thus allows you to roll back to the previous working point with minimal headache. And yes, if you have Restore Points turned on, be sure to roll back to available points right away. There is a big chance this will fix all the problems. Also, do note that separate registry backup is not available anymore in Windows 10 starting with Windows 10 1809 and newer.

Reset your PC or reinstall Windows. Bad System Config Info error in Windows 10 is a software issue so resetting your PC or reinstalling Windows will also do the job. Just be sure to use appropriate drivers after you install Windows. Always download drivers from the official manufacturer website and install them manually. Yes, this may take some time but, in the end, you will have a perfectly working PC with the minimum chances of hitting another BSOD or error.

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