Fixing Windows Audio Service Is Not Running Error

Let’s be honest, sometimes Windows becomes really annoying with random errors, which pop out for no reason. Windows audio service not running error is a weird one. It may pop on your PC completely randomly and for no obvious reason. Funny thing is that it is also one of the most popular bugs people face. Luckily for all us, Windows users, you can fix audio service is not running error very easy. It literally takes only a few clicks to bring everything back to work. So, let’s dig into this annoying error and learn how to fix it.

the audio service is not running windows 10

How to Fix Windows Audio Service Is Not Running on Windows 10?

  1. If you noticed that your PC can’t play audio anymore, check the notification area first. Locate the volume slider and hover the mouse cursor over it. You should get “Windows audio service not running” error message. If so, you’re in luck since you are just in few clicks away from solving this bug.
  2. Press the right button on your mouse on the volume slider icon and select Troubleshoot audio problems. Alternatively, simply click on the icon to launch the built-in troubleshooter. windows audio service not running
  3. Wait a few seconds. The troubleshooter needs some time to find errors in the audio service. This should get no more than just a couple seconds. windows audio service not running windows 10
  4. You should receive a message “One or more audio service isn’t running. Fixed”. Press Close the troubleshooter and check the volume slider. Audio should be back, and the problem gone. audio services not responding windows 10

Small tip: if the troubleshooter can’t fix Windows audio service not running error, make sure you have your speakers plugged in into the correct port (usually it’s a 3.5 mm audio jack). This may sound a bit silly but there are hundreds of error users must go suffer from simply because they forgot to plug something in.

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There is another option on how to run Windows audio service in case it does not work anymore.

  1. Press both Win + R on your keyboard and enter services.msc command. This opens the built-it Services app. the audio service is not running
  2. In the Services window locate Windows Audio. Open it using double-click. audio services not responding audio service not responding windows 10
  3. In the new window look for Service status entry. Usually, users with Windows audio service not running error find audio service status as stopped, disabled, or paused for some reason. Make sure Startup type is set to Automatic, then press Start and wait few seconds. There is no need to restart your PC.

That’s it. We can’t help but wish all Windows’ problems could be solved that easily.

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