How to Fix 0xa00f4244 nocamerasareattached Error?

Sometimes, instead of usual camera UI, you may end up with error 0xA00F4244 NoCamerasAreAttached error. That error is not the most difficult to troubleshoot but it may cause some headache when you are dealing with a PC that has a built-in camera rather than an external one. In this article, we gathered a few tips which can help you fix NoCamerasAreAttached error in your PC.

0xa00f4244 nocamerasareattached

Error code 0xA00F4244 NoCamerasAreAttached – Solution

If you use an external camera (the one you must physically plug into a PC), the first thing you need to check is whether it is really attached to a PC or not. After all, that is what the error code means. Make sure USB cable is correctly and fully inserted into a port. Also, try to connect it to another port. Perhaps, the one you use is corrupted or for some reason does not work.

Another tip: connect your camera directly to a motherboard rather than USB extenders or hubs.

If you have recently installed a third-party antivirus, make sure it does not block camera access. Don’t know how to check that? Try to disable your antivirus and then check whether error 0xA00F4244 is fixed or not.

Obviously, you can’t plug in and plug out a built-in camera on a laptop. In such a case, all you can do is check whether your software works well.

  1. Press Win + X on your keyboard (right-clicking the Start button gives you the same menu) and click Device Manager. There is another way to get there. Press Win + R and enter devmgmt.msc command. nocamerasareattached
  2. Find Cameras section and extend it. You should see there your webcam. error code 0xa00f4244 nocamerasareattached
  3. Make sure there are no additional icons next to the camera icon. There shouldn’t be any arrows or exclamation marks.
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Did not find any cameras? Check whether Device Manager has any unknown devices with a yellow exclamation mark.

If instead of a small arrow you see a yellow exclamation mark, it means the device does not work properly. Most of the time, this happens due to incorrect drivers. In such a scenario, go to your laptop or webcam manufacturer website and download any available camera driver. Important: right-clicking camera and selecting Update driver won’t help you. Download a new driver from the manufacturer website only. Install a new driver, restart your computer, and try launching the camera again.

If the camera icon shows a little arrow, it means a device is disabled. Right-click your camera and select Enable Device. A small arrow will be gone and a camera work.

0xa00f4244 nocamerasareattached windows 10

No arrows or yellow exclamation marks? Try to manually disable and re-enable your camera. Extend Cameras section, right-click your camera, and select Uninstall Deice. Next, click on Action – Scan for Hardware Changes.

Some tablets and laptops allow restricting camera access on a BIOS level. If you have recently updated your BIOS, check whether it disabled onboard devices such as a built-in camera.

The last thing you can do is check whether your system has properly configured permissions. Click Win + I to open Settings and go to Privacy – Camera. Be sure to turn on Allow apps to access your camera, Camera app itself (and any other app you need to use your camera with) and Allow desktop apps to access your camera.


A broken camera may be another reason why 0xa00f4244 nocameraattached error appears. If that error keeps boggling you, contact your PC service and ask them to troubleshoot your laptop or tablet.

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