How to Fix Error 0x8007045D during Windows Installation?

Windows installation nowadays is a mostly painless and quick process. If your PC has modern components and relatively fast SSD, installation won’t take too much time and will finish without any errors. Still, sometimes users report annoying errors such as 0x8007045D during Windows installation. When this error happens, Windows installation fails and halts. If you can’t install Windows due to error 0x8007045D, follow the instructions in this article. Hopefully, in the end, you will have a perfectly working PC with a fresh Windows copy.

Windows Error 0x8007045D

This cryptic message stands for input-output error. What is interesting is that the user may face this issue not only during Windows installation. It may appear inside Windows when copying files from or to a memory card.

Error 0x8007045D

Solve Windows Installation Error 0x8007045D

If an error 0x8007045D shows up right after you select a partition to install Windows, try to manually rearrange partitions on your drive. Do not select Unallocated storage to install Windows (usually, it works, though). Create a new partition with a decent amount of space (100-150 GB is enough) and try to install Windows in there. Do note that Windows will create additional partitions if you use UEFI and GPT drive.

If error 0x8007045D pops on your screen after you plugged in additional storage or removable drives, disconnect all unnecessary drivers from your PC. Leave only a drive you want to install Windows to.

If you try to install Windows without repartitioning your drive (e.g. on an existing partition), run chckdsk command. It will scan your drive and fix errors in the file system. In order to run this command within Windows installation screen, press Shift + F10 and type in the following commands:


list volume

Locate the drive you want to check and take a look at its letter. Remember it.

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Now, enter chckdsk #: /f /r. Instead of # enter a letter of the drive you want to check. Wait for the system to finish checking your drive.

If error 0x8007045D happens during Windows Installation (when installation program copies files to a drive), disconnect your installation media and plug it directly to the motherboard (behind the PC case). Do not use USB hubs or front case panel.

Still no luck? Next what you may try is to use another USB drive with different Windows ISO. Thus, you will be sure your Windows image and USB drive is fine.

And finally, the most painful part of this article. Since 0x8007045D means an input-output error, there is a chance your SSD or HDD is bad. If changing partition, another Windows image, and different USB drive did not help solve error 0x8007045D, try to replace your primary drive with the one you are sure is working perfectly fine.

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