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How to Fix Wi-Fi Problem on iPhone Ater Update to iOS 11?

Some users complain that after the update of iOS 11 on the iPhone and iPad, they started facing device’s various issues with Wi-Fi not working: it turns on suddenly, does not turn off when need, does not connect, and other similar problems. In this article, we’ll take

How to Disable Airplane Mode in Windows 10?

Airplane Mode in Windows 10 provides the ability to completely disable all wireless connections on a laptop or tablet in a quick way. It’s especially convenient to use mode during flights (this prevents affecting the operation of airliner devices or, for example, some devices in hospital). This

How to Choose Scanner that Suits Best?

It’s well known that scanners are pretty popular and extremely useful devices that widely used during the office work in almost every single company. In case you are handling a lot of paper and documents when working, this device is completely indispensable for you. But how to

How to Fix The Requested Operation Requires Elevation Error?

While running executable files or when trying to install applications or games you can face error The requested operation requires elevation. Sometimes you can also notice an error code 740 and additional information like CreateProcess Failed or Error Creating Process. It’s important to mention that most often

What to Know When Choosing an SD Card?

Nowadays a lot of SD memory cards are presented on market, manufacturers have a tough competition to get the attention of the user. The models differ by format, class and due to this — by read and write speeds. But what is the real difference? This time