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Icons Disappeared from Taskbar Windows 10

Icons on the taskbar in the notification area are very convenient and useful. They provide you with information about miscellaneous system information (network connection, volume level, OneDrive sync, Bluetooth status, etc.) and third-party apps. That icons that disappeared from taskbar Windows 10 can cause some serious inconveniences.

Battery Icon is Missing on Windows 10 Laptop

Sometimes even the simplest and the most reliable stuff just spots working at all regardless of operating system or device you prefer. Imagine the situation: you work with your laptop or tablet and want to check the battery level or charging status. You hover your mouse cursor

How to Clean FileRepository Folder in DriverStore?

While cleaning up disk on Windows 10, you can notice that folder FileRepository started taking up too much space (and often it’s a GBs of free space!) and won’t be emptied by using standard cleaning tools. In this instruction, we will take a closer look at what

How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10?

Almost every day we are using clipboards on different devices, including Windows operating system. In this short article we will take a deeper look at the Windows 10 clipboard and show how to clear it up. What is a Clipboard? Clipboard is a special zone at RAM,

How to Use Disk Cleanup on Windows 10?

If your PC is low on storage and thus you can’t download a large file or install a new game, there are a few methods you can use to clean your drive and free up some spare gigabytes. Of course, maybe the most efficient way to get

Forgot Windows 10 Password: How to Reset it?

We live in a world where the information that our devices store is usually worth more than the devices themselves. That is why it is very important to protect it with the reliable authentication methods. Moving from less safe traditional passwords, manufacturers developed biometric authentication. You can