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Couldn’t Mount File (ISO) in Windows 10

One of the problems that a Windows 10 user may facing when mounting an ISO image file with built-in Windows 10 tools is an error that the ISO file could not be mounted: Make sure the file is an NTFS volume and isn’t a compressed folder or

How to Disable Airplane Mode in Windows 10?

Airplane Mode in Windows 10 provides the ability to completely disable all wireless connections on a laptop or tablet in a quick way. It’s especially convenient to use mode during flights (this prevents affecting the operation of airliner devices or, for example, some devices in hospital). This

How to Convert MBR to GPT on Windows 10

The GUID Partition Table (GPT) hard drive gives you more exciting features than the traditional Master boot record (MBR) hard drive, this is a newer and more convenient partitioning method. Among the main features of GPT is that it gives the ability to store multiple copies of

Using Game Mode on Windows 10 Machine

Microsoft Windows 10 has a really useful built-in feature — Game Mode. It allows user to increase the system performance and dedicate as many system resources as possible to a specific game. In this short article we will take a closer look on how to enable Game

How to Encrypt USB Drive on Windows 10?

Windows OS has a great built-in encryption feature – BitLocker. It allows user to secure information on USB drives, memory sticks, external hard drive etc. and prevent unauthorized access to it. The operating system will ask user to enter the password once such USB drive will be