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How to Boost WiFi Signal on iPhone to Improve It?

Bad Wi-Fi signal at home may cause you some serious headache. It not only annoys the user, but also can lead to some unexpected expenses when your iPhone switches from Wi-Fi to cellular because of the weak Wi-Fi signal. If you experienced something similar and wonder how

Setting Up Family Sharing on iOS

Family Sharing is a very interesting and convenient iOS feature which allows you not to only unite devices inside your family or friends, but also save a lot on purchases, subscriptions and other services. Also, Family Sharing allows you to control what kind of content your children

How to Fix iPad Unknown Error 1671?

Unknown Error 1671 may happen with your iPad or any other iOS device. There is a little official explanation of what Unknown Error 1671 means, but don’t worry – it is quite easy to fix. What Does the Unknown Error 1671 Mean? Apple actually has a basic

How to Fix iPhone Could Not be Restored (Error 3194)?

Most of the time iPhone firmware restore process works perfectly fine and without any hiccups. Still, there is no guaranty something can’t go wrong. iPhone could not be restored 3194 error could happen with anyone. Luckily enough this error in the most cases is related to the

How to Backup and Restore iPhone?

Backing up your iPhone is as important as charging it. Sometimes information inside a device is far more valuable that the device itself thus keeping fresh backup is vital for your peace of mind. You can backup iPhone to a computer or cloud. Both methods do not

Screen Mirroring on iPhone and How to Record iPhone Screen?

You can either mirror or record iPhone screen without the need of any additional software. Luckily enough Apple allows you to do this using built-in tools. Of course, there is a bunch of third-party software which provides you with additional ways to mirror iPhone screen to your

How to Delete Apps on iPhone and iPad?

In case you need to free up some space on iPhone or iPad (for another app, for a couple of new images or to download a new iOS update), you can simply delete some apps in order to do so. Also, you might want to do the

How to Fix iPad is Disabled/iPhone is Disabled Error?

In modern iOS devices, Apple shifted from traditional passwords to biometric authentication like Touch ID or Face ID. These methods are more reliable and protect your device better. Still, you need to set up a PIN for additional security. If for some reason your Touch ID or

Setting up Email on iPhone and iPad

iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) come with included email app out of the box thus allowing you to set up additional mail accounts with a few simple steps. This article covers the basic steps of setting up email on iPhone and any other modern iOS device.

How to Block Websites on iPhone and iPad?

If you want to prevent your kids (or even yourself) from visiting some specific websites, iOS allows you to do so without using third-party apps or tools. Everything you need is in the iOS settings, thus enabling you to block websites on iPhone and iPad quite easily.