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uTorrent Slow Download Speed

Many uTorrent 3.x users noticed either a decrease in the download speed, or the fact that the files were not downloaded at all, while there are seeds on the distribution and the file just can not be downloaded and, moreover, everything worked fine before. The situation looks

How to Fix The Requested Operation Requires Elevation Error?

While running executable files or when trying to install applications or games you can face error The requested operation requires elevation. Sometimes you can also notice an error code 740 and additional information like CreateProcess Failed or Error Creating Process. It’s important to mention that most often

How to Fix UI Failed to Load Avast or AVG Error

Today we will take a closer look on a pretty common Windows problem, when users facing antivirus (AVAST or AVG) regularly stops and the error message appear UI Failed to load Avast (or AVG) or AV Service is not responding. How to Fix Avast Service is Not

OneDriveSetup.exe Causes High CPU Load on Windows 10

Most often we are facing a lot of default built-in Windows 10 applications that are pretty unstable and rarely used. One from that list is OneDriveSetup.exe process, which can heavily load your CPU. So how to fix this? What is OneDriveSetup.exe Process? OneDrive is one of the