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Windows 10 Touchscreen not Working

There are few reasons why touchscreen on Windows 10 computer may not work. Physical damage is the very first thing which comes to mind when you wonder why Windows 10 touchscreen now working. Even if there are no cracks, scratches or visual damage on the screen, the

How to Replace a Motherboard Battery?

Whatever PC you are using (whether it is a laptop or a desktop tower), there is a tiny power element attached to a motherboard. Primary battery or PSU supplies juice every time you power on a PC. When it is turned off, the motherboard battery begins providing

How to Fix iTunes Error 54?

Nowadays people often use iTunes to sync content from their PC or Mac to iPhone. Cloud services and subscriptions allow us to use content with no need to copy media content using iTunes. But if you are that kind of user who has his own collection of

How to Fix iTunes Error 4013?

Unexpected things happen. Especially, when we try to troubleshoot our modern gadgets. If you need to restore or update your iPhone using iTunes, sometimes it may slam you in the face with unknown error 4013. Needless to say, nothing works after that. Recovering process halts and you

How to Fix No Bootable Device Error?

Users may face error No Bootable Device. Hit any key when turning on the computer or laptop. This error is pretty often occurring on Acer and Lenovo devices. If you press any key you will enter the boot media selection mode, after which the error will be

Cannot Find dxgi.dll: Fixing PUBG Error

Many gamers like popular computer game PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) and often facing with errors Cannot find dxgi.dll and Blocked loading of file dxgi.dll when starting the game. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to fix the bug with the dxgi.dll file in PUBG and other computer

uTorrent Slow Download Speed

Many uTorrent 3.x users noticed either a decrease in the download speed, or the fact that the files were not downloaded at all, while there are seeds on the distribution and the file just can not be downloaded and, moreover, everything worked fine before. The situation looks