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How to Set Up Remote Desktop on Android?

By the time of publishing this article, almost everyone is grounded in its home due to Covid 19. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are forced to stay at home and either just wait for the situation to improve or adapt and work remotely. This

How to Fix Google Play Error 504?

A modern Android smartphone has no purpose without apps from the marketplace. If you can’t download your favorite social, productivity or entertainment apps, it becomes just an advanced feature phone with a big screen and camera. One of the reasons you can’t download an application from the

How to Fix Restricted Access Changed Error on Android?

Restricted Access Changed Error, to be fair, is not an error at all. It is network-related notification which does not necessary means that your phone is malfunctioning, thus there is no need to clean cache, wipe data, hard-reset your phone or do other stuff that Android users

How to get rid of error virus?

After installing updates, a lot of Android users facing with regular error notification. It appears on black screen and after been closed, error notification appears again. Most likely, it is caused by running applications that use photos and images (Photo Editor, Square InstaPic, Snapchat, Snap Camera