How to Fix Restricted access changed problem on Android

Many Moto X, Moto G and Nexus users often facing with Restricted access changed notification. This message appears and then disappears again. It is not caused by software or hardware error, it’s just a simple notification on your smartphone. But even in this case, many users find it annoying and want to remove it.

In this article we will show you a few solutions on how to get rid of Restricted access changed notification problem.

So, do you really need to pay attention to this notification problem? Sometimes you do. This notification can appear, for example, in case you were using damaged SIM-card or were changing cards in SIM slots a lot of times a day. You can face with this notification after the network change. Almost all time this notification appears when smartphone use mobile data and then connects to Wi-Fi. You can see Voice service is blocked and Data service is blocked message.

Restricted access changed notification appears when users, that need to be connected to high-speed mobile internet network to transfer data, lost network on their devices at all or switched it from 3G to 2G or 3G to 4G etc.

Restricted access changed

How to Fix Restricted access changed on Android?

Solution 1: Disable notifications by using built-in settings

Before start, you should check if your Android version has own built-in settings to manage notifications. These settings is available on Android 5.0 Lollipop and 6.0 Marshmallow smartphones, but in some cases operating system won’t allow users to set them.

  1. Go to Settings —> Sound and notification — > App notifications.
  2. Go down and select Phone.
  3. Turn off notification.
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If there is no such options in your smartphone, you will need to use third-party applications.

Solution 2: Block notifications by using third-party applications

To continue, you need to get Root access on your Android-smartphone to download application that will disable Restricted access changed notification.

Installing the Notify Block application

Follow the instructions bellow:

  1. Download an application that blocks the notifications, for example Notify Block;
    Data service is blocked restricted access changed
  2. Open the app and enable Notification access by clicking OK;
    restricted access changed enable
  3. Then you need to check off Hide system Apps;
    restricted access changed data service is blocked
  4. Go down and tap on Phone (
    restricted access changed voice service is blocked

Now we need to restart the smartphone and check if the Restricted access changed notification still appears. If you are facing with it again, try to disable notifications for all items with Phone icons in the list.

Installing the Notify Clean application (for devices with super user access)

To use this method, you need to get Root access for your Android-smartphone and Xposed Framework installed (without it you will be facing with an error in NotifyClean app):

  1. Install Notify Clean and open it.
  2. Go down and tap on Phone.
  3. Push on Restricted access changed.
  4. Reboot your smartphone and check if notification still appears.

Thats all! We hope that it was helpful to get rid of Restricted Access Change problem on Android!

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