How to Fix Restricted Access Changed Error on Android?

Restricted Access Changed Error, to be fair, is not an error at all. It is network-related notification which does not necessary means that your phone is malfunctioning, thus there is no need to clean cache, wipe data, hard-reset your phone or do other stuff that Android users got used to when something goes wrong with the software of their devices. There are a few things you can do to permanently remove Restricted Access Changed notification.

How to Get Rid of Restricted Access Changed Notification on Android?

There are few different types of this message. You may receive something like “Restricted access changed. Voice service is blocked”, “Restricted access changed. Data service is blocked”, “Restricted Access Changed. Emergency Service is blocked” or something similar. Although additional message content may be different, all these notifications are basically the same and related to the minor network issues. Before you start to mess around with the phone settings, try to simply sit back and wait – this type of notification could be gone without any notice. They are basically telling you that you can’t use some services right now. One of the reasons may be bad cellular coverage or temporary network issues. If they keep bothering you, follow the instructions below:

Here is what you need to try.

Open Network Settings and find Mobile network. Make sure that preferred network type is set to 4G (if your carrier and smartphone support this type of network) or 3G.

Fix Restricted Access Changed Error

Restart your phone and simply keep using it as normal. Restricted Access Changed message should disappear, but it is possible that it will be back. That’s ok, simply follow the next step.

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Try to reset network settings. For your information: network reset won’t affect your apps or data. It is completely safe to reset network, as soon as you are careful.

Open Settings > System and tap Reset Options. Select Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth. Please note, that after you reset network, you will have to log in to your Wi-Fi networks again and reconnect all Bluetooth-accessories, like your car or headphones. Restart your phone and try your luck again.

How to Fix Restricted Access Changed Error on Android?

If that did not help you either, open Settings > Apps and notifications, find Phone app and disable notifications. If your phone does not allow you to block system apps notifications, skip this step.

Restricted Access Changed Android

This should get rid of all these annoying notifications, but if they refuse to go, you can use third-party software to automatically clear notifications.

Attention: using third-party apps to clear your notification involves some kind of privacy risk since you allow unknown apps to access the content of your entire notifications. Consider this before you proceed. And one more thing: there is no need to root your device.

There are plenty of notifications blockers in the Google Play Store. You can use whatever app you want, but we recommend you Notification Blocker. It is free, simple, intuitive and has a nice UI. Download it using this link and run.

On the first run app will ask you for a notifications access permission. Allow it.

Enable Notification Cleaner and allow the app to do the job. It will automatically dismiss all junk notification, including Restriction Access Changed and other annoying stuff. If you notice that some necessary notifications are missing, open app settings and disable blocking of the notifications you need to keep.

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How to Fix Restricted Access Changed Error

That’s all, annoying notifications should be gone from now. We advise you to disable Notification Blocker with time in order to check whether the Restricted Access Changed notifications are gone or not. If they are not, turn the app back.

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