How to Set Up Remote Desktop on Android?

By the time of publishing this article, almost everyone is grounded in its home due to Covid 19. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are forced to stay at home and either just wait for the situation to improve or adapt and work remotely. This situation led to an increase in PC sales and professional software, so people can access their work environment from their homes. Unfortunately, many can’t afford to buy a new hardware, but there is a special solution for the rescue. Remote Desktop for Android is what you need.

Windows Remote Desktop for Android allows you to access your PC or virtual machine from any modern Android smartphone or tablet. It basically turns your Android device into a fully-fledged Windows machine, capable of remote work. Its capabilities are more than enough to perform any task from a mobile device. Especially, if you connect a mouse and a keyboard.

If you don’t know how to begin and set up Windows Remote Desktop on Android, this article will show you all the details step-by-step.

Before you go: you can’t use Microsoft Remote Desktop on Android to play PC games. Some other services and apps allow you to stream games to a mobile device. In this article, we focus our attention on how to remotely use your PC on Android to do some work rather than playing games.

Another thing to notice: if you use Remote Desktop on Android to connect to a separate computer, PC automatically locks itself during the connection session. You can’t use one computer both locally and with a remote connection.

Remote Desktop on Windows 10 for Android

Before you start using Windows Remote Desktop on Android, you need to prepare your machine and make sure it is properly configured for the remote desktop connection. If a PC is not set up for Remote Desktop for Android (or iPhone, or any other RDP-compatible machine), you will have a hard time accessing it.

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Here is how to configure a computer for a Remote Desktop connection from Android (we use Android as a reference, but the procedure is the same for almost all the other platforms). Skip this step if you have an RDP profile, connection details or your PC is already configured for the remote connection.

For your information: you need an Administrator access level or a password.

  1. Hit Win + E on your keyboard. This sequence opens the default Windows Explorer. In the left side panel, right-click This PC and select Properties. remote desktop android
  2. Now, click Advanced system settings. Again. This link is located on the left side panel. rdp android
  3. Look for the Remote tab. Click on it and select Allow remote connections to this computer. Here’s the important thing you need to know: is a computer is set to sleep or hibernate after some period of idle, this may block remote connections. To bypass this, go to Power Management and change power settings accordingly. microsoft remote desktop android
  4. Hit Ok.

Configuring Remote Desktop on Android

We are done with configuring a computer. Now it is time to move to your Android device and make sure it is ready to setup Windows Remote Desktop.

  1. First, download the official Windows Remote Desktop for Android app from Microsoft from the Play Store using this link. There are plenty of other third-party tools that allow remote desktop connection on Android, but we think the official one has plenty of features to satisfy your needs.
  2. Launch the app. If you have an RDP profile, simply open it on your device. The app will automatically configure and run everything for you. If you have connection details or need to set up Remove Desktop on Windows 10 for Android manually, simply follow this guide.
  3. On the main screen of the app, hit + in the top-right corner. Select Desktop. windows remote desktop android
  4. Microsoft Remote Desktop for Android will automatically find the PC within your network. If you use a PC outside your network, click Add Manually. remote desktop connection android
  5. Go back to your PC, run the Command Prompt and enter ipconfig. Note the IPv4 Address. You need these four numbers for the app to find your computer. android rdp client
  6. In the App, enter the IP address in the PC name field. The User name field you can leave in the default state or select Add a user account. This option saves you some time and eliminates the need to enter the credentials every time you run the RDP. If you want to access several PCs or virtual machines, in the Additional options you can set up a custom name for every connection. For example, Primary office PC. remote desktop android from pc
  7. Click Save. Now, press the saved connection and enter your credentials – username and password. If you use Microsoft Account to log in to your PC, use email and password. remote desktop windows 10 android
  8. If everything is correct, the app initiates a connection and you are ready to go.
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That’s it. Now you can work remotely using your Android smartphone or tablet.

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