How to Remote Control Your TV Using Android Device?

If you have a modern TV that connects to your home network over Wi-Fi or LAN, then most likely you can use your Android phone or tablet as a TV remote control. All you need is to download, install and configure the official app from the Play Store.

Famous brands, for example LG, Panasonic or Samsung are developing official apps specifically for their device models. In the Google Play there are also universal applications for connecting mobile devices to any models of TV.

In this article we assume that you are using one of the modern TV models that can connect to your home network via Wi-Fi or a LAN cable. In the event that your TV is not connected to the network, it can be controlled only through the infrared port. In this case, your Android device must have a built-in IR transmitter, or you will have to buy a separate IR transmitter for your device.

Use Your Android to Remote Control Your TV

We will talk about Android applications for TVs of the following brands: Samsung, Sony Bravia, LG, Panasonic; and universal TV Remote Control application. You can use these apps to control your home TV set. As a rule, you should first try to use the official apps, and if it does not suit you, use a universal application.

Once again, we note that your TV and Android phone / tablet must be connected to the same network (or Wi-Fi router), or you can use the Wi-Fi Direct feature (for direct connection of devices).

Samsung Smart View Remote Control App

Samsung Smart View is an official application from Samsung, it is suitable for any Android phone and tablet. Also, as in other similar applications, after searching for and connecting to a TV over the network, you will be able to use remote control functions (including a virtual touchpad and text input) and transfer media content from the device to the TV. Judging by the reviews, this application for Samsung on Android does not always work as it should, but giving it a try definitely worth it.

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Samsung smart view remote control

You can download Samsung Smart View here.

Sony Video and TV SideView

The official remote control application for Sony TVs (including Bravia) is called Video & TV SideView: Remote.

After installing Sony Video and TV SideView, the first time you start, you will be asked to choose your TV provider (if you do not have one, you need to select the first option in the list, it does not play a big role), as well as a list of TV channels, which should be displayed in the application.

Then go to the application menu and select “Add device”. A search will be made for supported devices on the network (the TV must be turned on in this time).

Select the desired device, and then enter the code that appears on the TV screen. You will also be asked if you can enable the TV from the remote control (for this, the TV settings will be changed in the way so that it is connected to the Wi-Fi even when the device is turned off). In the app’s top, the remote control icon will appear, clicking on which you will enter the remote control capabilities, which include:

  • Sony standard remote control;
  • Touch panel;
  • Text input panel.

In case you have several Sony devices, you can add them all to the application and switch between using simple menu.

SONY remote control

You can download Video & TV SideView: Remote here.

LG TV Remote App

LG has created a special application called LG TV Remote for its TVs with Smart TV function (for older LG TV models released earlier in 2011, you need to use another app – LG TV Remote 2011). Install and run LG TV Remote. Click on the “Device Scan” button (the TV must be turned on!). At this point, the code should appear on the TV screen (in the lower right corner). Enter this code on the smartphone. Now you can manage your TV from an Android device.

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LG remote control app

Panasonic TV Remote

A similar application is available for Panasonic Smart TVs, there are two versions of the application (we recommend using the latest one – Panasonic TV Remote 2). In the remote Android application for Panasonic TV there are elements for switching channels, a keyboard for TV, a gamepad for games, the possibility of remote playback of content on the TV. Link to download.

panasonic remote control app

Universal TV Remote Control

From universal applications that allow you to control the TV from your phone, it’s worth highlighting Universal TV Remote Control. Now this one is in the list of the most popular unofficial applications for remote control of TV via mobile gadget. An extremely simple application will be easily used even by a novice user. It is enough to configure the connection mode (infrared or Wi-Fi), specify the IP address of your TV and select the desired TV model.

Universal remote control app

The application supports a huge number of TV models, among which are:

  • LG;
  • Samsung;
  • Sharp;
  • Panasonic;
  • Sony;
  • Sharp;
  • Akai;
  • JVC;
  • and many others.

Universal TV Remote Control has the basic set of standard commands for the TV: the power button, numeric keypad, buttons for switching channels and sound settings. TV Remote Control is a free application, so from time to time user will be noticing ads. You can download it from here.

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