Is The Galaxy Note 5 Still Worth In 2019?

While some Samsung Note Series loyals are eagerly awaiting the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, some still got love for the older version, Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

So the question is, does the Galaxy Note 5 still got what it takes to be included in the phones to buy in 2019? And by the way, Note 5 was officially released in August 2015. Almost 4 years later, this phablet is still worth having in 2019. But what makes it a decent device to have even after several models have been released following it? Let’s find that out.

The Camera

Let’s admit it; one of the must-have features in today’s phones is a good camera. Everybody wants to capture each moment that would be a memory in the future. That is why buyers consider the camera quality before they can purchase a phone.

The Galaxy Note 5’s camera is quite a sharpshooter, and at the time of its release, it was the second best camera phone, after iPhone 6S+. This little beast boasts of a 16MP primary camera, which is capable of recording 2190p videos at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps. Furthermore, it is can manage a dual-video recording.

Even though the selfie camera is only at 5MP, the phone still proves to be reliable enough. Plus, this phone can still take phones that may be mistaken for the iPhone 7/8, or even the Pixel 2’s. Well, only if you are too keen to compare the pixels is when you will notice the difference. Either way, this baby can still take amazing photos.


Without any doubt, the Galaxy Note 5 still keeps up with the current flagships. First off, the phone runs on Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop), which is upgradable to 7.0 (Nougat). Plus, it comes with 4GB RAM and an internal memory of 128GB. Note that some versions come with 32GB and 64GB internal memory. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a memory card slot, so that would be a concern for you if you need tend to download a lot of content.

It runs on the Exynos 7420 Octa (14 nm) chipset and with an octa-core (4×2.1 GHz Cortex-A57 & 4×1.5 GHz Cortex-A53)CPU.

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These specs assure you of a smooth-running device that is good enough to serve your day-to-day. You will rarely experience any lags in your workdays with this phone. However, it might not be a good phone if you tend to use demanding apps too much.

In other words, you might not like this phone if you tend to game too much or use other heavy apps. It can, however, handle some video editing apps and multitask once in a while.

But if you want a phone that is a master of multitasking with the demanding apps without unnecessary lags, you might want to consider the LG V20. You can check out a detailed LG V20 vs Note 5 comparison to see how the differences.

The Screen

Gone were the days when everybody though a big phone was outdated. Since the introduction of tablets to the market, everyone now wants a phone with a big screen. The bigger the screen, the better the experience.

Note 5 comes with a 5.7-inch screen that is super clean. It might not be as big as other big name phones on the market, but it surely manages to deliver a crisp display. Yes, it doesn’t have the brightness of the Note 8 and 9, but you won’t have any problem viewing the screen in bright daylight.

Plus, the phone uses the Super AMOLED capacitive display with a 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution. By the way, if you want to get a Note 5 now, beware of the refurbished models. If you are going for a refurbished unit, ensure that you choose one that uses the OEM LCD display, and not some generic one.

If you happen to go for a phone with any spots, scuffs, or chips on the screen, it can ruin the whole display.

Security Features

One of the top security features that are common in the most recently released phones is the fingerprint sensor. Note 5 was one of the phones to have the fingerprint scanner, and honestly, the sensor is fast and in the perfect location. The fingerprint sensor is front-mounted on the home button.

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Plus, the phone features the Samsung Pay, which is an easy way of paying for products and services online while being sure of your safety. So, if you are comparing the Note 5 to a non-Samsung phone, Note 5 definitely takes the lead in terms of online transactions and security.

Generally, Samsung Pay is the only mobile payment service that allows the Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) to do the NFC-based mobile payments. In other words, you can use your phone to make payments that don’t accept ApplePay or AndroidPay. To do this, you’ll just have to bring your phone up to the magnetic slider and the slider will read your phone like it would read a credit/debit card.

This would be very helpful if you have forgotten your card at home or in the car.

The Battery

Another aspect to consider when purchasing a phone is battery capacity. How long can it run before you plug in your charger? Note 5 runs on a 3000mAh battery with 15W fast charging. Generally, the phone can charge fully in about one and a half hours. Well, this is one area that the phone gets some thumbs down. The battery is not as reliable as such. It cannot survive a 12 hours continuous running if you will be using too frequently. Also, the software updates make it have an unstable standby time.

But the best part is that it comes at a decent price. This phone is available from between $150 and $250 depending on its condition.

So, are you down for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or you prefer the more advanced Note series? Compared to the advanced Note Series, Note 5 might not be such a contender. But compared to other non-Samsung phones, it beats many models out there.

If you will be going for the Note 5, here are some tips and tricks to help you get the best of the phone.

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