How to Fix Unknown Error Code During Application Install 110?

There is a lack of information about the error 110 on Android. Even Google has marked it as an “Unknown Error” with code 110. This error appears during application install from the Play Store or when a user is trying to update existing apps. What is known about Android error 110 is that it appears due to the bad compatibility. An application might be incompatible with Android OS on your smartphone or tablet or with a specific hardware. Sometimes OEMs refuse to update existing smartphones to the recent Android versions. Users who want to get the latest and greatest without buying a new device, try to reflash their phones using custom ROM with a newer Android version. This is where hardware incompatibility might hit you hard. Even if the recent Android (Android 8.1 or 9, for example) works perfectly fine on your old device, some hardware may be incompatible with the app you want to install or update. Thus, you get unknown error code during application install -110.

Unfortunately, there may be other reasons why error 110 appears, what makes it very difficult to pinpoint and solve. Lacking official guidance and any specific information from Google makes the situation even worse. We can guide you through the basic Google Play Store troubleshooting tips, but we can’t guarantee you will successfully solve error 110.

I Can’t Download App from the Play Store Because of the Error 110 – How to Fix?

First, you need to go through basic things. Begin with restarting your device, checking network status and date and time settings. The last one is the most popular reason why users can’t download apps from the Play Store due to some unknown errors with mysterious codes. Make sure your Internet works fine and date and time settings are correct.

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Second, check Android updates availability. If your device works with the official stock ROM, check updates. If there is an update or two, download and install everything your OEM offers.

Third, wipe data inside the Google Play Store. This won’t affect data on your device. Open Settings and navigate to the App settings section. Locate in there Google Play Store and Google Play Services.

Unknown Error Code During Application Install 110

Force stop these apps, clear cache and data. If there is an option to delete updates, do this also. Restart a smartphone or tablet and open Play Store again. Try to download or update the app you want.

Error Code During Application Install 110

Fourth, download and manually install apk-file from the Apkmirror. If you have bad luck with getting an update or app from the Play Store because of the error 110, manual installation should help. Do note that if the error appears due to the hardware or software incompatibility, you may face some problems or bugs when using the app.

Fifth, dig into the Filesystem (optional for users with root access). If your device equipped with the root access, deleting some folders from the SD card or internal memory may help you solve the error 110.

Download any File Explorer with a root file system access level. Most of them are free, so you can use Apkmirror to download and manually install it. Solid File Explorer has a nice UI and features. It will do the job. We assume that if you have a root access, you know how to use File Explorers and how to access root File System.

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Locate Data folder on an SD card (if your app is installed on a memory card) or internal memory. Find the problematic app inside this folder and delete it. Reboot the smartphone and try to update or install the app again.

Sixth, reset your device. Backup important data before that, since you will lose everything on the device (apps, photos, music, messages, etc.).

Seventh, try another ROM (for those using custom ROMs, e.g. Lineage OS or other). Sometimes custom ROMs are very glitchy since they are often created by one person, which can’t locate and fix all bugs. In case of buggy ROM, resetting your device may not help you to solve unknown error code during application install 110. Try to roll back on official firmware or find a ROM from the other developers.

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