Fix error DF DLA 15 in Google Play Market

So, one day you have noticed that you can’t download or update applications from Google Play and this is happening due to DF DLA 15 server connection error. Thus, the applications you installed earlier and the whole device is working properly and you are not facing with any problems. Obviously, this error occurs because of Play Market. We all know that there is no alternative to Play Market, so we are going to fix this error to have ability to continue to use it.

Solutions to fix DF DLA 15 error

The error looks like this:

google play cant update app

For every cause of DF DLA 15 error there is a concrete solution. Let’s take a look at the possible fixes:

1. Clear cache

It’s the easiest solution and it works in 50% cases.

  1. Go to Settings -> Manage apps -> Play Market.
    google play manage apps
  2. Now push on Clear cache, then tap on Clear data.
    google play uninstall update
  3. To be sure, repeat all these steps for Google Play Services applications too.

2. Deleting the updates

DF DLA 15 error also can occur in case the current build of application is not compatible with Google Play Market version.

To fix the situation, in window App info in additional settings tap on Uninstall updates.

google play delete updates

3. Adding the credit card information

It’s very strange solution, but this one already helped a lot of users to fix DF DLA 15 error.

  1. Go to Play Market and in menu tap on Account.
    google play account
  2. In new window choose Payment methods.
  3. After that tap on Add credit or debit card.
    google play add payment method
  4. Type in the credit card number and tap on Save.
  5. Check if it helped.
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4. Wipe Dalvik cache

Dalvik cache is a program cache area for the program dalvik. Dalvik is a java based virtual machine that is the bases for running your programs (the ones that have the .apk extension). In order to make access times faster (because there’s not JIT (just in time) compiler installed by default), the dalvik-cache is the result of dalvik doing an optimization of the running program.

You can wipe Dalvik cache using Custom recovery mode or third-party application.

5. Disable SD card

This solution can help to fix DF DLA 15 in case some of the application files are stored on SD card.

  1. Go to Settings -> Storage -> SD Card.
  2. Tap on Unmount SD card.
    unmount sd card
  3. Now try to download something.

Tip. Never remove the SD card without unmounting it through Settings. That will damage your SD card and you won’t be able to recover any data from it.

6. Creating new account

In this case you don’t need to delete the old account, just create a new one. Go to Settings -> Account -> Add new. You can continue to use old account even in case the error appear again.

7. Data correction

We all know what is a license term. If it is expired, it also can be the cause of DF DLA 15 error. Incorrect data can appear, for example, after battery full discharge or in case you were taking out the battery from your phone, so check it too.

8. Hard Reset of smartphone

The last solution is to perform factory reset (hard reset). This solution is the last one you need to use. Before you will perform a factory reset, check again if some other of the solutions above can help you.

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Important! Hard reset will erase all of your phone’s data: photos, videos, applications, contacts etc. It is necessary to back up your data before performing factory reset.

That’s all! Hope this solutions helped you to fix DF DLA 15 error!

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