Fix Google Play Error 500 while downloading Apps from Play Store

Today we are going to take a look on how to fix a pretty common Android issue – Google Play Error 500 while downloading apps from Store. Most often, this error occurs on user’s side and can be fixed within a few steps.

In this post we are sharing the most effective solutions on how to fix Google Play error code 500 – we are sure that one of them will fix the issue for you.

How to Fix Google Play Error 500?

Error 500 message looks like this:

Application could not be downloaded due to an error. (500)

error 500 google play

In order to fix the error, try the following solutions one by one until the error message disappears:

Solution 1: Uninstall Updates and Clear Cache and Data

The basic thing you need to do is try to clear cache and data for Google Play Store app, it should fix the problem in the most of the cases. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Settings > Applications > Manage apps > Google Play Store;
  2. Click Force Stop, then Clear data, Clear cache and Uninstall Updates;
    error 500 google play store cache
  3. Repeat the steps above also for Google Services Framework and Google Play services;
  4. Reboot your device and run Google Play Store once it’s rebooted;

Solution 2: Remove and Then Re-Add Your Google Account

This is a very common and effective fix for Google Play error 500. All you need to do is completely remove your Google account and re-install it after that. Follow the instructions:

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts > Google;
  2. Press the item in menu and select Remove account;
    error 500 android remove account
  3. After that you need to add the same Google account back.
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This may trigger a resyncing of your Google account related content (like images, photos, Play Books and others), but applications and their settings should not be affected (but we recommend you to back up data before proceeding!).

Important! In some cases, you might need to delete current Google account and start to use a new one (not the account that was used before) to fix error 500 with Google Play. Try to create a new account and use it on your device.

Solution 3: Switch Between Wi-Fi and Mobile Data

This error also can occur because of issues with Internet connection. To fix the problem you need to switch between Wi-Fi and Mobile data (or vice versa) and try to run Google Play Store after that.

Solution 4: Fix the Error 500 by Using Root Explorer File Manager

Another solution on how to fix Google Play error 500 is to use Root Explorer. You must have a root access to your device to use this method! Now follow the instructions:

  1. Use link or Google it and install a file manager Root Explorer on your device (or use another software);
  2. Run the utility and go to /data/data/;
    error 500 android vending
  3. Delete everything from folder;
  4. Now tap on and hold for a moment. Now using the context menu go to Permissions;
    error 500 google play permissions
  5. Check on all of the options like on the screenshot below:
    error 500 android
  6. Click OK and reboot your device. After that check if the issue with Google Play Market still persist.

Solution 5: Wipe Dalvik Cache

Another method is to wipe dalvik cache. Dalvik cache is a program cache area for the program – dalvik, a java based virtual machine that is the bases for running programs (the ones that have the .apk extension).

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Important! You have to be rooted to wipe dalvik cache. If you are not rooted – the only way to clear dalvik cache would be to factory reset your device. So, after you got the root access, follow the instructions:

  1. Run the Terminal (it allows you to access Android’s built-in Linux command line shell, you can download it from here or use Google for searching the download link), use the following commands with your device connected:
    cd /data/dalvik-cache
    rm *
  2. Restart your device;
  3. This time the reboot will take a longer time than usual. That is happening because the cache has to be rebuilt;

Tip! Often you can wipe dalvik cache simply by using the appropriate option in Recovery mode menu.

Wipe Dalvik Cache Manually

You can also try to delete dalvik cache manually. Follow the instructions:

  1. Download and install a file manager Root Explorer or Google for it for the download link;
  2. Run the utility and go to folder /data/dalvik cache;
    error 500 google play dalvik ache
  3. Now select all files in the folder and delete them;
  4. After that reboot your device immediately (your device’s stuff will become pretty unstable until you reboot).

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  1. It’s still not working. The bar that shows the progress of the installment keeps on lighting as if it’s loading something. Download is never initiated.

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