How to get rid of error virus?

After installing updates, a lot of Android users facing with regular error notification. It appears on black screen and after been closed, error notification appears again. Most likely, it is caused by running applications that use photos and images (Photo Editor, Square InstaPic, Snapchat, Snap Camera etc), because component is a system library that is responsible for images editing. This error often occurs on Bluboo Picasso, Doogee and other cheap smartphones because of low OS security level.

Many users facing with different problems after notifications started to appear – smartphone can start rebooting for no reason and cause other things without your permission. In some cases, an error occurs when using messenger with image editing functions (like Viber, Snapchat etc).

But after you noticed error notifications, in some time you start to see some ad banners appear. Now there is no doubt left – this one is pure mobile Trojan.

It’s important to know that hard reset won’t get you rid of virus. But in this article we will show you how to get rid of it.

1. Stop annoying notifications

At first we need to stop annoying malware notifications. Follow the instructions bellow:

  1. Go to Settings –> Applications –> All.
  2. Find and tap on it.
  3. Clear data and cache, stop the application manually and disable its notifications.

These steps will help you to stop those annoying virus notifications and ad banners. Now we know for sure, that causes the problem.

2. Fix error on Android

Solution 1: Uninstall latest downloaded applications that is possibly infected

Important! Before start, you should have root access to your Android device.

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At first, we need to find all infected applications and uninstall them:

  1. Using a file manager go to systemapp
  2. Here change your view setting to detailed, it will show you few details about each application. Find the modification dates of the applications. Original system apps will be much more older than other applications (because they were installed in phone with OS). You need to select all applications with the newest modify date except the old system apps.
  3. Uninstall all new non-system apps (if you recently modified trusted system applications, except them too).
  4. Reboot your device.

Solution 2: Remove virus using third-party antivirus

Virus error can be fixed with AVG mobile antivirus. Some users reported that they had success of removing virus using it (AVG detects it as a malware and gives the opportunity to disable it).

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