How to Fix Error 0x8007045D during Windows Installation?

Windows installation nowadays is a mostly painless and quick process. If your PC has modern components and relatively fast SSD, installation won’t take too much time and will finish without any errors. Still, sometimes users report annoying errors such as 0x8007045D during Windows installation. When this error

How to Activate Administrator Account in Windows 10?

Did you know that every Windows 10 has a built-in hidden Administrator account? If you read this article, then you probably know. The thing is not many people know how to activate Administrator account in Windows 10. To make things clear, this article is all about hidden

How to Fix Unmountable Boot Volume in Windows 10?

Here we go again with another article explaining another BSOD error code. This time it is something called UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME. This error is much less cryptic than your usual BSOD code, but it is still quite a task for an average user to figure out what

How to Install Node.js and npm in Linux?

The JavaScript programming language is so popular that it creates entire platforms for creating software. Among them, Node.js stands out, which allows JavaScript to use I/O using its API, use external multilingual libraries, etc. This article describes how to install Node.js and npm (its package manager) on

How to Find Motherboard Model in Windows 10?

Every PC user should know which motherboard is installed within the guts of PC. From the simple curiosity to reinstalling Windows, updating drivers, troubleshooting or getting rid of your PC by selling it. Finding a motherboard model is extremely important when reinstalling Windows because drivers from another

How to Turn Off Sticky Keys in Windows 10?

If you like to play games on your keyboard, you probably use Shift key quite frequently. Also, there is a high possibility that you are familiar with a situation where amid the battle you furiously press Shift many times and out of nowhere a game minimizes itself

How to Open Network and Sharing Center in Windows 10?

Almost every Windows user is familiar with Control Panel and the section called “Network and Sharing Center”. It allows you to change many network-related features of your PC, thus becomes a very important settings section for every user. Getting to the Network and Sharing Center in the

How Do I Move Files From OneDrive to My Computer?

OneDrive is undoubtedly one of the best cloud storage solution, especially if you use it alongside your Office 365 subscription. It allows you to store huge amounts of data but sometimes people need to move files from OneDrive to a local PC. This article will provide you