How to Delete Apps on iPhone and iPad?

In case you need to free up some space on iPhone or iPad (for another app, for a couple of new images or to download a new iOS update), you can simply delete some apps in order to do so. Also, you might want to do the

How to Fix iPad is Disabled/iPhone is Disabled Error?

In modern iOS devices, Apple shifted from traditional passwords to biometric authentication like Touch ID or Face ID. These methods are more reliable and protect your device better. Still, you need to set up a PIN for additional security. If for some reason your Touch ID or

Setting up Email on iPhone and iPad

iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) come with included email app out of the box thus allowing you to set up additional mail accounts with a few simple steps. This article covers the basic steps of setting up email on iPhone and any other modern iOS device.

How to Block a Contact on iPhone?

If you are dealing with spam or just want to prevent an annoying person from calling or texting you, iOS gives you a convenient and easy solution on how to block such person. This article explains how to block a contact on iPhone, where is blocked numbers

How to Block Websites on iPhone and iPad?

If you want to prevent your kids (or even yourself) from visiting some specific websites, iOS allows you to do so without using third-party apps or tools. Everything you need is in the iOS settings, thus enabling you to block websites on iPhone and iPad quite easily.

Forgot Windows 10 Password: How to Reset it?

We live in a world where the information that our devices store is usually worth more than the devices themselves. That is why it is very important to protect it with the reliable authentication methods. Moving from less safe traditional passwords, manufacturers developed biometric authentication. You can

What is IPSW File and How to Download it?

If you are an iOS/Apple TV user, then you probably heard about mysterious IPSW file. This article will help you to understand what does IPSW mean, why you need this file and how to get it. Just like any other smartphone/tablet/computer, Apple devices have their own operating

Criminal Case Mod APK with Unlimited Energy Hack

A lot of us are familiar with Criminal Case, one of the greatest modern quest games from Pretty Simple, a Paris based game developer. It is a fantastically well looking detective game which right now is one of the most played on Facebook. The gameplay and interface

Oppo PC Suite and How to Connect Your Oppo Device to PC?

A lot of people worldwide are familiar with the products of one of the biggest Chinese manufacturer Oppo. This company proposes users pretty functional and unique smartphones. But there is one great disadvantage for these devices – Oppo doesn’t give users an official PC suite which can

Dsquery Command in Active Directory

Dsquery.exe is a command-line utility for obtaining information about various objects in the Active Directory domain. The utility is available in all Windows Server versions by default. To use it on desktop OSs, you need to install the appropriate version of Remote Server Administration Tools. The dsquery