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Dsquery Command in Active Directory

Dsquery.exe is a command-line utility for obtaining information about various objects in the Active Directory domain. The utility is available in all Windows Server versions by default. To use it on desktop OSs, you need to install the appropriate version of Remote Server Administration Tools. The dsquery

VMWare PowerCLI Guide: How to Install and Use?

PowerCLI for VMware vSphere is an incredibly powerful tool based on Microsoft PowerShell. PowerCLI allows you to centrally manage the ESXi and vCenter servers from the command line and allows to perform up to 98% of virtual infrastructure routine management tasks without GUI. Using the utility PowerCLI

How to Fix Error 0x8007045d on Windows 10?

Error 0x8007045d is a pretty common on Windows machines, it can occur when moving/copying files from HDD to flash drive, during backup, during the Windows installation and others. In this article we will discuss all working solutions on how to fix it. What’s Mean Error Code 0x8007045d?

How to Boost Windows Performance?

Whichever version of Windows you are talking about, most often users are asking how to boost Windows performance and make it work faster. In this article we’ll take a look at the main reasons which can slow down your Windows 10 and we’ll give a few simple

How to Fix No Bootable Device Error?

Users may face error No Bootable Device. Hit any key when turning on the computer or laptop. This error is pretty often occurring on Acer and Lenovo devices. If you press any key you will enter the boot media selection mode, after which the error will be


In this article we’ll take a look at the main reasons for the error Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press Enter when you turn on the computer, and how to solve this problem. When you turn on the computer, the BIOS starts first, and only