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How to Fix The Requested Operation Requires Elevation Error?

While running executable files or when trying to install applications or games you can face error The requested operation requires elevation. Sometimes you can also notice an error code 740 and additional information like CreateProcess Failed or Error Creating Process. It’s important to mention that most often

What to Know When Choosing an SD Card?

Nowadays a lot of SD memory cards are presented on market, manufacturers have a tough competition to get the attention of the user. The models differ by format, class and due to this — by read and write speeds. But what is the real difference? This time

How to Convert MBR to GPT on Windows 10

The GUID Partition Table (GPT) hard drive gives you more exciting features than the traditional Master boot record (MBR) hard drive, this is a newer and more convenient partitioning method. Among the main features of GPT is that it gives the ability to store multiple copies of

How to Create Scheduled Task Using PowerShell

The task list for a majority of system administrators includes writing various scripts and launching them. Scheduling the launch of the script using the graphical interface of the Task Scheduler console is a quite simple task. In this small article we’ll show you a new way to

How to Fix UI Failed to Load Avast or AVG Error

Today we will take a closer look on a pretty common Windows problem, when users facing antivirus (AVAST or AVG) regularly stops and the error message appear UI Failed to load Avast (or AVG) or AV Service is not responding. How to Fix Avast Service is Not

How to Boost WiFi Signal on iPhone to Improve It?

Are you facing with a weak WiFi signal on your iPhone, iPad or iPod? Your device often disconnects from the network and restarts only after some time? Have you noticed that the WiFi speed stinks and you can’t get it back to normal? If you are facing

What is dllhost.exe Process and Why It Causes High CPU Load?

Process COM Surrogate (dllhost.exe) is a system process that allows to register COM objects (Component Object Model) in Windows 10, 8 or Windows 7. For example, by default the icons for unsupported media formats won’t be displayed correctly in Windows 10. But once the user installs appropriate