How Do I Move Files From OneDrive to My Computer?

OneDrive is undoubtedly one of the best cloud storage solution, especially if you use it alongside your Office 365 subscription. It allows you to store huge amounts of data but sometimes people need to move files from OneDrive to a local PC. This article will provide you

How to Move OneDrive Folder?

You probably very well know that storing important data on a drive C: is not the best idea. Yet for some reason, Windows stores the OneDrive folder on a drive C: in every Windows 10 copy. If you have OneDrive turned on, you can find it in

How to Create a Password Reset Disk?

Microsoft provides several methods you can use to access your PC again in case you can’t recall a password. One of such ways is creating a password recovery drive using a built-in wizard. This article will explain all you need to know about how to create a

Disable User Account Control

When developing Windows, Microsoft always has to keep a balance between security and user experience. Back in the days of Windows Vista, Microsoft failed to keep this balanced. Developers launched a new security measure called User Account Control which for the sake of safety asks the user

Using Shutdown Timer on Windows 10

From time to time every PC user faces a situation when it needs to go somewhere but can’t shut down a PC right now because of some task running. In such a situation Windows 10 shutdown timer is your best friend. Windows has the necessary utilities and

How to Fix DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION Blue Screen of Death?

Random BSOD is not a big deal. From time to time, every Windows user faces a system crash, just like on macOS (yeah, BSOD exists even there in its own form). Things a getting worse when BSOD happens regularly which indicates on serious software or hardware malfunction

How to Protect USB Drive with Password?

Every Windows has a built-in tool called BitLocker which allows you to protect a USB drive with a password. It works with USB sticks, SD-cards, externals drives, and any other removable drive you can connect to a modern PC. Every time you plug in BitLocker-protected drive, Windows

How To Fix Error 0xc000007b in Windows 7, 8, 10?

Error 0xc000007b is one of the most annoying Windows errors that users have to face these days while trying to run some application (including games like Fifa, GTA, Max Payne, Battlefield, Far Cry, Assassins Creed, Call of Duty and many other games and applications which are pretty

How to Fix 0xa00f4244 nocamerasareattached Error?

Sometimes, instead of usual camera UI, you may end up with error 0xA00F4244 NoCamerasAreAttached error. That error is not the most difficult to troubleshoot but it may cause some headache when you are dealing with a PC that has a built-in camera rather than an external one.