How to Connect Xbox One Controller to Mac?

Mac’s trackpad and keyboards are not the best controllers in the world, so if you want to play some games, better get yourself an Xbox One Controller. It is simply the best gamepad you can play with. Comparing with Windows 10, where Xbox One Controller is natively

How to Install Fonts on Mac?

Just like any other modern OS, macOS comes with quite big list of pre-installed fonts for all tastes and purposes. But we all know very well that the default font list can’t fit everyone’s needs. There are thousands of custom fonts people use every day in their

How to Install Custom Fonts on Windows 10?

Windows 10 has a lot of different custom fonts for any taste and purpose, but sometimes there is none that fits your needs for fancy PowerPoint presentation, Word document, etc. If you wonder how to install custom fonts on Windows 10 or where is Windows 10 fonts

How to Use Remote Desktop on Mac and iPad?

Remote Desktop goes preinstalled with every modern Windows version. All you need to do is to use search in the Start Menu and launch Remote Desktop Connection App. Things are a bit different if you have a Mac or iPad. Obviously, there is no Microsoft Desktop Connection

How to Turn Off iMessage on iPhone?

There are not so many reasons to turn off iMessages on iPhone. This service is secure, reliable and available on iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Macs what makes it a standard universal method to stay in touch with your friends, colleagues, and relatives who use Apple devices every

How to Change Mouse Cursor Size on Mac?

Changing mouse cursor size in MacOS is very simple, yet not always obvious procedure. Default cursor size satisfies almost every Mac user, but there are people out there who want to increase the system’s interface or cursor because of poor eyesight or simply because they do not

How to Calibrate Xbox One Gamepad on Windows 10?

Xbox One controller is undoubtedly the best controller you can have by the time of writing this article. This controller is very reliable and comfortable. It is very durable and can withstand severe gamer’s rage. If you have noticed weird behavior in your favorite game don’t be

How to Change Mouse Cursor Size in Windows 10?

By default, Windows 10 uses a quite small mouse cursor. For most users, this setting is completely fine, and they don’t even bother thinking about how to change mouse cursor size in Windows 10. If you are not this kind of user and want to increase cursor

How to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC?

The days when you had to use proprietary drivers to make your super-cool gamepad work with a gaming PC are gone. Yes, you still should use custom drivers if you want to use some special controllers like wheels or flight sticks. If you are not that kind