Fix Windows Problems using Fix it

Modern Windows versions have a big set of built-in troubleshooting tools, which allow you to quickly fix bugs or errors caused by incorrect settings or other reasons. Before these troubleshooters appeared in Windows, Microsoft offered users nifty utility called Microsoft Fix It. This tool can run different

How to Fix Restricted Access Changed Error on Android?

Restricted Access Changed Error, to be fair, is not an error at all. It is network-related notification which does not necessary means that your phone is malfunctioning, thus there is no need to clean cache, wipe data, hard-reset your phone or do other stuff that Android users

Setting Up Family Sharing on iOS

Family Sharing is a very interesting and convenient iOS feature which allows you not to only unite devices inside your family or friends, but also save a lot on purchases, subscriptions and other services. Also, Family Sharing allows you to control what kind of content your children

How to Clean FileRepository Folder in DriverStore?

While cleaning up disk on Windows 10, you can notice that folder FileRepository started taking up too much space (and often it’s a GBs of free space!) and won’t be emptied by using standard cleaning tools. In this instruction we will take a closer look on what

How to Fix Error Code 805a8011 in Windows Phones

Although Microsoft has quit phone business by now, many people still use Windows Phone devices. Some developers even continue to support their apps, regularly update them and even develop new features. If you are that kind of user, who refuses to give up on Windows Phone yet,

How to Fix iTunes Error 54?

Nowadays people often use iTunes to sync content from their PC or Mac to iPhone. Cloud services and subscriptions allow us to use content with no need to copy media content using iTunes. But if you are that kind of user who has his own collection of

How to fix Windows Error 1406?

Error 1406 occurs mostly when user is tries to install a new program that uses the Windows Installer runtime. Official Microsoft documentation gives almost nothing about this error. Microsoft says error 1406 may happen on extremely ancient Windows versions like Windows 95, 98 or ME because of

How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10?

Almost every day we are using clipboards on different devices, including Windows operating system. In this short article we will take a deeper look at the Windows 10 clipboard and show how to clear it up. What is a Clipboard? Clipboard is a special zone at RAM,

How to Fix iTunes Error 4013?

Unexpected things happen. Especially, when we try to troubleshoot our modern gadgets. If you need to restore or update your iPhone using iTunes, sometimes it may slam you in the face with unknown error 4013. Needless to say, nothing works after that. Recovering process halts and you