How to Change Windows 10 Display Scaling?

Even if you don’t need to increase Windows 10 UI size, there are lot of people who actually need to tweak display scaling to make the system look more convenient and comfortable. System’s UI does not look very well on the screens with high resolution and some

How to Pin a File to the Taskbar in Windows 10?

Windows 10 allows you to pin any application or folder to the taskbar or Start menu and access them faster. For some unknown reason there is no official way to pin a file to the taskbar or Start menu. Sure, you can use jump list to quickly

How to Replace a Motherboard Battery?

Whatever PC you are using (whether it is a laptop or a desktop tower), there is a tiny power element attached to a motherboard. Primary battery or PSU supplies juice every time you power on a PC. When it is turned off, the motherboard battery begins providing

What’s the Difference Between eMMC and SSD?

If you are looking for a new Windows laptop or tablet, you probably noticed that some models use weird storage type called eMMC. It is not so common as an SSD or HDD and has some serious differences. The speed and performance of a computer depend on

Icons Disappeared from Taskbar Windows 10

Icons on the taskbar in the notification area are very convenient and useful. They provide you with information about miscellaneous system information (network connection, volume level, OneDrive sync, Bluetooth status, etc.) and third-party apps. That icons that disappeared from taskbar Windows 10 can cause some serious inconveniences.

How to Overclock Monitor?

Even if a video card is capable for rendering more than 60 FPS on any graphical settings in your favorite games, there is no much sense in it if a monitor is clocked at 60 Hz. You simply won’t be able to see any difference between 60

Battery Icon is Missing on Windows 10 Laptop

Sometimes even the simplest and the most reliable stuff just spots working at all regardless of operating system or device you prefer. Imagine the situation: you work with your laptop or tablet and want to check the battery level or charging status. You hover your mouse cursor

How to Delete History in Microsoft Edge?

In case you don’t know how to delete your browsing history, sooner or later you will want to browse something confidential. And if for some unknown reason you forgot to turn on InPrivate mode, you can simply delete history in Microsoft Edge and clear Microsoft Edge cache