How to Overclock Monitor?

Even if a video card is capable for rendering more than 60 FPS on any graphical settings in your favorite games, there is no much sense in it if a monitor is clocked at 60 Hz. You simply won’t be able to see any difference between 60

Battery Icon is Missing on Windows 10 Laptop

Sometimes even the simplest and the most reliable stuff just spots working at all regardless of operating system or device you prefer. Imagine the situation: you work with your laptop or tablet and want to check the battery level or charging status. You hover your mouse cursor

How to Delete History in Microsoft Edge?

In case you don’t know how to delete your browsing history, sooner or later you will want to browse something confidential. And if for some unknown reason you forgot to turn on InPrivate mode, you can simply delete history in Microsoft Edge and clear Microsoft Edge cache

How to Boost WiFi Signal on iPhone to Improve It?

Bad Wi-Fi signal at home may cause you some serious headache. It not only annoys the user, but also can lead to some unexpected expenses when your iPhone switches from Wi-Fi to cellular because of the weak Wi-Fi signal. If you experienced something similar and wonder how

How to Capture Screen on Windows 10?

Windows 10 has quite a lot of different ways to capture screen or to make a screenshot. These features are very useful when you want to explain something to your friends, create a manual, file bug or just capture an epic moment in the game. Capturing a

How to Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic?

If you ever visited Disk Management on a Windows PC or tried to map a disk, change existing volumes, extend partitions or delete some, you’ve probably noticed that every disk marked as a “Basic” or “Dynamic”. Disk type defines the number of available features. This article explains

How to Fix Google Play Error 504?

A modern Android smartphone has no purpose without apps from the marketplace. If you can’t download your favorite social, productivity or entertainment apps, it becomes just an advanced feature phone with a big screen and camera. One of the reasons you can’t download an application from the

Fix Windows Problems using Fix it

Modern Windows versions have a big set of built-in troubleshooting tools, which allow you to quickly fix bugs or errors caused by incorrect settings or other reasons. Before these troubleshooters appeared in Windows, Microsoft offered users nifty utility called Microsoft Fix It. This tool can run different