Solved: Pokemon Go Common Issues and their Fixes

Pokemon Go is one of the most played and popular game in the world right now. This game has crossed and breaks all the record of  the gaming world. Pokemon Go has increased allot of craze in the people of every generation. You can see that most of the people are on the streets collecting Pokemons. But Big things comes with atleast few issues. Pokemon Go is the game where people or should i say gamers who are playing Pokemon Go are facing small small problems. These problems are quite annoying. But the thing is they are very easy to fix. So here we are with a post on all the Pokemon Go Common Issues and their Fixes.

Pokemon Go Common Issues

Pokemon Go Common Issues and their Fixes

Pokemon Go Common Issues and their Fixes : 

1.  Audio Issue

This is very annoying, whenever you have to face this issue. Most of the people are complaining about this distorted audio. But the thing is one cannot do anything with this. Most of the time it happens with Bluetooth Speaker. So if this is happening when you are connected or using a bluetooth speaker, then all you can do is don’t use it.

By the way Pokemon Go team is working on it. So may be you’ll be relaxed with this issue as soon as possible. This is one of the Pokemon Go Common Issues.

2.  Location Issue (Incorrect Location, Different Location and more.)

GPS issues are very annoying and it kills the fun in the game. It happened to me once when i was on a perfect location to catch a Pokemon but i cannot due to my location is wrong and one of my friend caught it. If your having any issues like this or if you have faced any such incidents then go ahead and do this. Check below for the tactics.

  • Internet connectivity is enabled (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi)
  • Make sure your GPS is enabled.
  • Location Permission for Pokemon Go should be enabled.
  • Set High-accuracy mode for Location or GPS.
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3.  “You already own this item” Error Message – Android Users

You already own this item is one of the most common issue faced by allot of people sorry Pokemon Go Gamers. This issue is not with the game actually, Pokemon Go team has clearly said this issue is not with their app totally. It is somewhat problem with your Android smartphone. This happens when you are purchasing Pokemon Coins from the shop and lost the internet connectivity during this period. This will lead to this issue – You already own this item”. 

To fix this one of most annoying of all the Pokemon Go Common Issues, all you have to do is to logout and restart your Android smartphone. Re-login and start playing, it’ll be good to go.

4.  “This item is not available in your country” Error Message – Downloading the app

People are complaining about this thing that the game is not available in your country. Believe me this is not your fault. This can happen only when if the game is seriously not available in your country or if it is available, may be you have stored a wrong address in your Google Wallet settings. So please correct to the address where you are residing and the Pokemon Go is available. This is not specific to Pokemon Go Common Issues but it can be applicable to any other app where you are facing this issue.

This can be fixed as told above for steps check below.

  • Go to Google Wallet Settings.
  • Check your billing address as well as other if anyone is there.
  • If the billing address is not of the country you live or it is wrong or something.
  • Then go ahead change it to the correct one.
  • Wait for sometime to let it update on database.
  • After that you can easily download the app without any failure.
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Even after this, you are unable to fix this issue then all you can do is contact Google Play Store Support Team. Only they can help. This is all we have from our end on Pokemon Go Common Issues and their fixes.

These Pokemon Go issues and fixes have been really helpful for most of the users, and they can solve your issues too, if they are from the above mentioned ones.

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