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How to get rid of error virus?

After installing updates, a lot of Android users facing with regular error notification. It appears on black screen and after been closed, error notification appears again. Most likely, it is caused by running applications that use photos and images (Photo Editor, Square InstaPic, Snapchat, Snap Camera

Fix error DF DLA 15 in Google Play Market

So, one day you have noticed that you can’t download or update applications from Google Play and this is happening due to DF DLA 15 server connection error. Thus, the applications you installed earlier and the whole device is working properly and you are not facing with

Increase Brightness by shaking your Android Phone

One of the greatest Android features is auto-brightness implementation. It helps you to auto adjust brightness settings for your phone. In case you are not happy with default auto-brightness, which is sorely lacking in configurability, this article will be useful for you. We will guide you through