Top 5 Features of Apple Watch

Apple’s new product Apple watch is about to be released in the year 2015. Most of the people are wondering about the changes Apple Watch has in comparison to Android Watch.This article will tell you about the top 5 Features of Apple Watch. Apple Watch is not only a simple watch, it can perform allot of new operations which will definitely makes this watch amazing. Apple Watch works with iPhone and lets you do most of the tasks on your phone without even taking your phone out. Apple watch lets you do the tasks which help you work faster and smoother. Apple users always complaint about the battery life of their iPhone but now they don’t have to as the new Apple watch is reducing their phone use and helps them increase battery life. Apple Watch require iPhone 5 or later. Apple Watch has all the basic feature but these are top 5 Features of Apple Watch which makes this watch different than others.

Top 5 Features of Apple Watch:

1. Apple Watch Design:

New Apple Watch has a slick design so it looks better on your wrist. It has a smooth rounded corner so you don’t have to worry about the sharp edges. Watch has a square face with a stainless steel body which gives you the ultimate look. Apple Watch is about to be released in different styles including plastic band, leather and more so in whichever you are comfortable you can choose. It comes in two different patterns like one for the smaller hands and for the larger hands so you don’t have to worry that the watch will looks smaller or larger on your hands. Obviously the larger one provides you with more room to touch.

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Apple Watch has a additional feature – digital crown on the side of the watch. To perform all the task, you can use this digital crown to do the actions like zooming in and out and scroll through the apps and data. On pressing the crown you can return to the home screen.

2. Apple Pay using Apple Watch:

New feature of the apple watch is that it can pay. Apple watch can be used to pay for the stuff. It uses American Express, MasterCard and Visa. All you have to do is to link your apple watch with your bank. Apple Watch has a NFC chip – Near Field Communication which can be detected by any sales devices. So from now on you don’t have to worry about carrying cash or cards to the store to buy stuff. This is one of the amazing feature among the top 5 Features of Apple Watch which i like.

top 5 features of apple watch

3. Alerts on Apple Watch:

One of the feature i think every single electronic watch should have is to alert you when their is notification in your phone. This Apple Watch will let you know each time a new alert or notification is on your iPhone. It’ll give you the notification regarding emails, reminders messages and other stuff so that you don’t miss a chance. You can also count your steps using apple watch as it has a built in pedometer installed.

top 5 features of apple watch

4. Apple Watch Communication and Sensor:

All the iPhone users definitely uses Siri and other applications uses voice commands. So here is the Apple Watch which lets you uses the Siri through your watch. It will let you do the features like putting alerts on your iPhone, keeping reminders up to date, setting an alarm just by voice commands. Whenever you are on the way to somewhere and you lost your directions or wants to setup a new direction you can use voice command feature of apple watch which lets you setup new directions and guide through them. So now go wherever you like just by using apple watch and it’s voice commanded navigation feature.

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If your friends have a apple watch you can have a wrist to wrist communication with them using digital touch feature it’s more like a walkie talkie. Share Sketches with them and share your heartbeat. This is one of the┬átop 5 features of apple watch which is liked by most of the apple iPhone users.

This watch has a lot of sensors which include accelerometer and gyrometer which will switch on the display of the watch whenever you lift your hands and it also has a zirconium back houses four sapphire lenses which will detect your pulse.

5. Apple Watch App support:

Apple watch can support allot of apps which you had to access using your iPhone. Now all those apps can be used on your Apple Watch. Use Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Nike and more. You can also check in using your American Airlines app on Apple Watch.

top 5 features of apple watch

Apple Watch has all the basic feature which you expect it to have. Plus it has awesome additional features which will fascinates you.

Above articles tell you about the feature which has are amazing. more on Apple Watch for USA, Apple Watch for India. Above are the top 5 Features of Apple Watch.

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