Top 5 Apps for iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus: Best Suited

Top 5 Apps for iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus : Apple has released their all new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, with a new feature called 3D Touch. Apple has added a pressure sensitive panel below the display, that will now be able to differentiate between a light tap, press and a hard press. There are a lot of best suited apps for iPhone 6s that have now integrated the new feature, which adds another sphere to the app usage. Below are the top 5 apps for iPhone 6s that you must download on your flashing new device.

Top 5 Apps for iPhone 6s

Top 5 Apps for iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus : Best Suited

Top 5 Apps for iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus: Best Suited

1. Instagram

Instagram is a very well-known picture sharing app, and it has now been updated to support the 3D Touch Functionality introduced in iPhone 6s. After the new update, you can firmly press on a username or avatar, and a Peek will appear with the person’s basic information like his/her name, recent pics, and follower details. If you slide your finger while pressing, it will reveal a few option like to follow/unfollow, or send a direct message. On pressing it firmer, the pop will open the profile of the person. While on the home screen of your iPhone, you can firmly press the icon to reveal a menu that lets you make a new post, show your activity feed, direct message inbox or to the search screen. No doubt it is one of the best suited apps for iPhone 6s and it is on the top of the list of top 5 apps for iPhone 6s.

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2. Dropbox

Dropbox is the most popular cloud storage apps, and now it will be easier to interact with its iOS app on the new iPhone 6s. It is one of the best top 5 apps for iPhone 6s. with the updated app, you can check the preview of the file before opening it, but firmly pressing the file. If you press the pop up harder, it will then open the file. This saves the user’s time by letting him/her check the preview first.

3. Evernote

Evernote is a note taking app, that has gained popularity across all the platforms. It lets you sync your notes so that you can access them from anywhere in the world and from any possible device. Like the various other 3D Touch compatible apps, Evernote gives you option to directly jump to certain functions directly from the home screen by hard pressing the icon. Besides the icon, 3D touch works very well even inside the app. You can hard press the notes, work chats, links, etc. to peek inside them, and press harder to open it. Evernote had to be in the list of top 5 apps for iPhone 6s.

4. Launch Center Pro

Another app in the list of top 5 apps for iPhone 6s is the Launch Center Pro, which is a shortcut creation tool. The app lets you create shortcuts for the most frequently used apps and options, and with 3D Touch, the process will become even faster. It now lets you directly jump directly into the list of frequently used shortcuts, or create a new task by firmly pressing the app icon on the home screen. The options in the Quick Action are also customizable.

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5. Camera+

Camera+ is one of the best third party camera app for iPhone, and the best part is that it now supports the latest 3D Touch. You can now go directly to certain options without even opening the app first. While on the home screen, you can hard press the app icon to reveal a small menu that lets you “take photo,” “take selfie,” “take macro” and “view lightbox” directly from the home screen. With the all new updates and features Camera+ is surely one of the top 5 apps for iPhone 6s.

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