Tips to improve WiFi signal strength on iPhone / iPad

Are you an apple user? Today we bring this article “Tips to improve WiFi signal strength on iPhone / iPad”. Wifi is a very good and interesting part of iPhone and iPad. Although it is not often to face Wifi signal strength problem as apple design iPhone and iPad with a very good quality hardware. Although due to some exceptions, there may be a chance of bad reception/strength, slow speed and likewise some more issue related to your Wifi signal strength/reception.

When you stuck with Wifi signal strength related problem, you start getting frustrated. It is not hard to boost Wifi signal strength on your iPhone. I also feel that no one like to work with slow speed Wifi, which buffer a web page for long time, very slow downloading speed, not able to updating your iPhone and many more. In order to help you, here are some ways that will help you a lot in recharging or you can power up your Wifi. Therefore, let gets started on How to improve wifi signal strength on iPhone / iPad.

Tips to improve WiFi signal strength on iPhone / iPad


Simplest, basic first step is that you have to Restart your router. Many times restarting router may help as it restore the settings. In addition, you may have to restart your Wifi on your iPhone. Your router sometime need rest so Switching- off for few minutes sometime actually works.

First thing to make sure that your firmware must always remain updated. This helps you a lot in protecting your smartphone, also helps in boosting your Wifi signal strength. In order to do so you have follow some easy steps.

  • Firstly, if you do not have Airport utility app on your iOS device then first download and install it –> after then launch it.
  • Now tap the device icon to see which version of firmware you are using.
  • Now you see network setting –> click on version option –> now check which version of firmware you are using.
  • You can see now whether your firmware is up to date or not. If not you can update it. Same you can do for other devices.
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improve wifi signal strength on iPhone


You can try many signals finding app to strengthen your Wifi signal. You can see many Applications like “open signal” helps in finding best Wifi signal according to the area and according to information provided by companies. These apps just do not help in strengthen Wifi signal but also help in locating the area where you can find best Wifi signal.

Download Open Signal App here.

It is not an effective way to strengthen Wifi signal. However, you can try it to improve wifi signal strength on iPhone / iPad.


If you are thinking that your router is creating problem you can just buy a new one. However, it is not easy to find that router is a source of Wifi signal trouble. It happens very rarely.

If it is a router problem then you have to check the new router. One way you can check whether your router is creating any bad signal issue by borrow someone router and check Wifi signal stability on your iOS device for some days. If it is stable then buy new router and if not, you do not need to change.


Your neighborhood also plays a role in weakening your Wifi signals strength. Due to interference between Wifi networks in the neighborhood, it reduces W-fi signal strength. It is hard to measure the impact of Wifi signal but your iPhone works on Wifi latch technology mean it detect strong signal and hold it.

However, your Wifi did not catch or hold strong signal for long, it happen, because of channel that you are connected. Therefore, it means that your Wifi signal keep on switching between the networks according to your connection.

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Now to overcome this problem you can use any software, which detect your neighborhood Wifi signal and tell you on which channel they are and choose according to channel. Today’s mostly router support many channels you can pick accordingly.

So in brief, you can change channel accordingly so that you Wifi network cannot be interfere by your network and enhance you Wifi signal strength.


Changing or set up DNS manually helps you in finding new alternative to fetch the internet data, not technically improving or boosting Wifi signal. Steps to set-up DNS manually as follow:

  • Go to setting –> tab on Wifiimprove wifi signal strength on iPhone
  • Tab on icon ” i “improve wifi signal strength on iPhone
  • By Scrolling down, you see DNS –> tab on it.
  • Enter DNS address { or}improve wifi signal strength on iPhone
  • Lastly restart your iPhone


Case also create problem in Wifi signal strength, by removing you can boost Wifi signal on iPhone/iPad. Normally silicon rubber, TPU and plastic case not affect Wifi strength but beyond these material you can face problem. However, some says that their case can help in improving or boosting Wifi signal like PONG. I checked their reviews and they are quite positive. To improve wifi signal strength on iPhone / iPad, this method is quite effective.

Lastly, summing up all these are some tips you can try to improve wifi signal strength on iPhone / iPad. I hope you all will also try these steps and let us know whether they are helpful for you. I am counting on you Guys.

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