How to increase iOS 8 battery life

People who are using iOS 8 on their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are pretty happy with their battery life. But those who are upgraded to iOS 8 on  their iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, 5s, 5c are facing problems with their iPhone battery. This article is about How to increase iOS 8 battery life in your iPhone 4s and upper versions. After the release of iOS 8, it was told that the batter life has increased but it is not in other iPhone except in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Here are the some of the methods which will help you to know how to increase iOS 8 battery life. One can also use these methods to increase battery life in iOS 7.

How to increase iOS 8 battery life:

1. Background App Refresh (Turn it Off)

Most of the battery is consumed is by the apps which are running in the background. So it’s better to turn off the Background App Refresh for those Apps. You can select to turn off background app refresh for each app you want. It’s not compulsory to turn off totally for every App.

Go to:  Settings –> General –> Background App Refresh –> Turn it off.

How to increase iOS 8 battery life

But how will you know for which app you have to turn off background app refresh. See the next method to know.

2. Apps using maximum Battery

You have to search for the app using maximum battery of your iPhone. This new feature is now in iOS 8 that you can check which app is using maximum battery. If your iPhone is not up for more than 8 Hours than it’s a problem with the battery else you can solve it.

Go to:  Settings –> General –> Usage –> Battery Usage.

How to increase iOS 8 battery life

Here is the list of apps using the battery. You can turn off their Background App Refresh by above method or you have to uninstall these apps in order to increase battery life. This is one of the method best suited to increase battery life.

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3. Turn Off Parallax

You might be wondering what is Parallax. It is the feature which makes the wallpaper can move behind the apps. It requires allot of battery. So if you don’t want these you can turn it off to increase battery life.

Go to:  Settings –> General –> Accessibility –> Reduce Motion –> Turn it Off.

How to increase iOS 8 battery life

If you turn off the parallax it helps increase your battery life.

4.  Location Tracking Apps (Stop Them)

All the location tracking apps are backbone of the decrease or poor battery life. So if the app is using the location tracking than i suggest you to turn it off. It’s not like that you have to turn it off totally for every app. Just turn it off for the particular apps which you don’t use or the use is minimal. Most of the system services app uses this location tracking feature and you’ll find that these apps are of not that much use to you. So turn it off.

Go to:  Settings –> Privacy –> Location Services –> Go to App to turn it off or the System Services.

How to increase iOS 8 battery life

5. Push Emails (Turn them Off)

Every one uses this feature of Fetching email as soon as they are arrived on their email id. But you don’t know that this fetching of mails uses allot of your iPhone battery. So if you have less priority towards your mail then you can turn the fetching of mails in order to increase your battery life.

Go to:  Settings –> Mail, Contacts, Calenders –> Fetch New Data –> Turn it Off.

How to increase iOS 8 battery life

You can also use the fetching manually so that it doesn’t use much of your battery.

6. Restore iPhone.

Poor Battery life of your iPhone can also be due to the problems occurred during iOS 8 update or may be due to some bug in your iOS 8. So to clean that up you can Restore your iPhone. It can really help increasing your battery life.

  • Create the Backup of your iPhone to your Computer or iCloud.
  • Turn Off the Find My iPhone. Go to:  Settings –> iCloud –> Find my iPhone –> Turn it Off.
  • Connect your iPhone to your Computer. And in iTunes Go to: Your iPhone –> Click on Restore.
  • Follow the Procedure and After the Setup. Click on Restore From Backup and Choose the Backup you made earlier.
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7. Other Minor Things You can Do.

  • Turn Down the Brightness

Turn Down the Brightness in the Control Center which you can get by just Swipe Up on your        Screen. And You can also Turn Off the Auto-Brightness.                                                                          Go to: Settings –> Display & Brightness –> Turn Off the Auto-Brightness.

How to increase iOS 8 battery life

  • Turn Off LTE

Turn off LTE as it consumes a lot of Battery. Go to: Settings –> Cellular –> Turn Off LTE.

How to increase iOS 8 battery life

  • Reset All Settings

If a Bug is causing the problem with the iPhone Battery Life. It may be resolved using a                  Reset. Go to: Settings –> General –> Reset –> Reset All Settings.

How to increase iOS 8 battery life


Here are some method which will help you to know how to increase iOS 8 battery life. If any of these methods are not able to increase you iPhone Battery Life than you have to consult to a Apple Genius and Try Replacing you iPhone Battery.

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