How to Fix iPhone 6 Problems

Lots of people who have bought iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in a hurry are now disappointed with their new iPhone. Lots of Apple common Problems are in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus also. These apple iPhone problems are irritating and are the disappointments. Still Apple is not working on fixing these problems. So here we provide you with the most common apple iPhone problems and their fixes. Problems with the battery, landscape issues, iMessage, Keyboard Lag, Apps and more. These fixes can also help for other iPhone users. So learn and apply how to fix iPhone 6 Problems.

how to fix iPhone 6 Problems

How to Fix iPhone 6 Problems:

How to fix Landscape issue:

iPhone 6 plus users are experiencing landscape issues. where in landscape mode they are not able to type message. And also, sometime iPhone get stuck in landscape mode even after shifting it to the portrait mode. These problems are irritating especially when you have bought a brand new iPhone.

Method 1: Try Recalibrating the compass to avoid such problem.

Method 2: Try disabling Reachability mode. It also helps fix landscape issue. Go to: Settings>General>Accessibility>Toggle On/Off Reachability. By this method, you can also use your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus with one hand.

how to fix iPhone 6 problems

Method 3: Lock the Screen Rotation. This is not a fix but it can avoid the problem.

how to fix iPhone 6 problems

How to fix iMessage Problems:

Problems like the message coming late than they should arrive. Even after the message is read it is not marked read. Check how to fix this Problem.

Method 1: Try turning off iMessage and then turning it on again. Go to: Settings>Messages>Toggle off/on iMessage. Restart the iPhone.

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how to fix iPhone 6 problems

Method 2: Reset Network Settings to fix iMessage Problems. Go to: Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings. This method can resolve lots of other problems.

How to fix Battery issues:

This is one of the major issue in all iPhone. Even before the iOS 8 update, this issue is their in all the iPhone.

How to fix Keyboard Lag:

iPhone 6 users are observing a keyboard lag while dealing with emails or iMessage. Well you can do some tricks to fix this issue.

Method 1: Try Turning Off Documents & Clouds in iCloud. You can Turn it back on after the problem is solved. Go to: Settings>iCloud>Documents&Data.

how to fix iPhone 6 problems

Method 2: Reset All Settings to fix keyboard lag.Go to: Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings. This method can resolve lots of other problems related to iPhone.

How to fix Apps issues:

After the iOS 8 update in iPhone most of the apps are freezing, hanging or creating problems. These problems will not be solved by Apple. These problems are related to third party Apps so they have to be solved by third party app developer.

Check for the updates of Apps if any. Most of the third party app developer have updated their app for iOS 8 support, so update your apps. If the updates are not available than just reset all settings or uninstalling the app and reinstalling it.

Above are the methods on how to fix iPhone 6 problems in easy steps. I’m sure these will help you in fixing your iPhone. Please tell us about any other tip if you know and ask us anything about the problems. we’ll try to fix them. If you have any other major problem just erase all data and reset.

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