Solved: iPhone 6s Common Issues and Their Fixes

iPhone 6s Common Issues and Their Fixes : Apple’s every device is a masterpiece in every aspect and iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are no exception. With their great combination of hardware and software, they provide exceptional user experience. But, the perfection is not easily achieved. The new iPhones 6s and 6s Plus seem to have some issues too, that are being reported by a large number of people. iPhone 6s issues are highly important. Below mentioned are the iPhone 6s common issues and their fixes.

iPhone 6s common issues

Solved: iPhone 6s Common Issues and Their Fixes

iPhone 6s Common Issues and Their Fixes : 

1. Battery Life

It was very unfortunate and unexpected that Apple will reduce the size of the battery in the new iPhone models. The worse part about the situation is that certain third party apps continuously run in background to further deplete the battery levels, bringing it to the list of iPhone 6s common issues.

You can easily fix this issue by identifying the faulty app and stopping it to run in the background. Just go to Settings and head to the Battery section to determine which app is consuming the highest amount of battery. Now you the culprit, so now you need to go back to the Settings main menu and go to General > Background App Refresh, then look for the app and switch the slider to off. Also, you can now enable the Low Battery Mode in the iOS 9.

2. Random Shutdowns

It is one of the most frustrating iPhone 6s common issues. Many people have reported that their new iPhone 6s shuts down randomly, and most of the common methods to rectify such problems aren’t working to fix it. Make sure to notice the function you were performing or the app you were using when the shutdown happened, as this will help fixing the issue better.

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You can try restarting your device or performing the soft reset, but they don’t seem to work for most of the users. You can instead completely erase your iPhone and later setup your device as a new device. You may choose to restore your data or not to restore your data, so that everything works fine. The steps are given here.

3. Issues with 3D Touch

The all new 3D touch is also being counted as one of the iPhone 6s common issues. It is quite difficult to solve this issue on your own end, as such issues are generally on the hardware front. The only option remains is to get it checked at the service centre and get your device replaced. But before checking for any iPhone 6s issues and fixes, look if the 3D Touch is enabled or not. Head to Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch to make sure the toggle is on. If it is already on, then you have to visit an Apple service centre to get your device repaired or exchanged for a new one.

4. Overheating

Quite a lot of iPhone 6s users are facing the overheating issue, and most of them are unaware about the exact reason. If it is happening due to any hardware issue, then you will have to swap out the faulty device for a new one. But before going by this step, you must try certain home remedies to solve such iPhone 6s common issues. Overheating can be due to any app that is continuously running in the background. You can look for it and close it like we did in the first point. If this doesn’t solve the issue, then you might go for resetting your smartphone, following the steps mentioned in point 2.

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5. Home Button Getting Hot

The early adopters of the new iPhone are facing such iPhone 6s common issues, where the home button or the Touch ID is becoming too hot to even touch it. Resetting the iPhone seems to work for some users and it can temporarily fix the issue, but it might reoccur anytime. The best option is to contact Apple Care and get your device replaced. If you have purchased the new iPhone recently, then it is unlikely that you will face this issue.

These iPhone 6s issues and fixes have been really helpful for most of the users, and they can solve your issues too, if they are from the above mentioned ones.

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