How to protect system without antivirus

How to protect system without antivirus: Now a day everyone protect his or her system with the antivirus. No one leave his or her system without antivirus. Every one of you now a day put their important files and document in your computers. Therefore, many of you install many antivirus to protect their important data.

Most of you are thinking after seeing heading that there is no need of this. However, let me tell you one thing. Now a day most of you spend your time in browsing. Watching online videos, downloading, etc. may lead to some suspicious virus, which may come into your system from front door. Some virus may be detected by your antivirus, which you install in your system. Some sites show detail about suspicious thing. However, some which are attached to the file, are rarely detects. So here we are telling you how to protect system without antivirus with some easy methods.

How to protect system without antivirus

Many of you use antivirus software. These are also one of the problems which may cause damage to your system. In addition, if you are using free trial antivirus software it will stop detecting virus after certain period.

How to protect system without antivirus:

Steps to protect your system without antivirus:

  • Online antivirus scan:

We share with you some links where you can scan you system. These are free antivirus scan sites from where you can check. For scan click here or click here. These are the free scanning sites. I prefer you that scan your system every week.

  • Control network traffic:

To lock down network activity put on windows firewall. Also in combination with NAT feature router.

  • Update:

Keep your operating system up to date. Keep Software up to date. Keep Applications up to date. Keeping your system up to date is very important. Always see to latest security patches

  • Final tip:

If you want to overcome thing like XSS or clickjacking, you have just use this. Use NO SCRIPT, which prevent above problems. No script help you in a manner that it will ask you first which site will run Java, Java script.

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