How to save work online directly to Google Drive

Now-a-days Google has developed allot of apps, features. Google Drive is one of them. Google Drive is one the ultimate app i use. You can allot of things with Google Drive too. It’s about saving stuff. But what most of the people don’t know that from where else they can save stuff and in how many ways. Most of the people now-a-days use Google Chrome. And all those have heard about Google Extensions. Learn How to save work online directly to Google Drive.

Google Drive is also the extension for Chrome. Here it explains in how many ways it helps you to save your data. Chrome Extension – Google Drive lets you save data anytime whenever you are using google chrome. Sometimes you wanna save what you are doing and you are also in hurry. It’s like a screenshot of your work which is saved to your google drive. If you want save some pdf directly to your Google Drive you can use it or some link you want to save to view later or on the go you can save it on your google drive. Scroll down to know How to save work online directly to Google Drive.

I used it to save the Page i wanna read but i’m in hurry so i used Google Chrome Extension – Google Drive. It helps me to save that page in my google drive on my gmail id. And then whenever i wanted to see that i can open my google account in google drive and see or download the work i saved before. It’s quite useful and believe me its awesome i don’t have to do anything except that i have to click on Save to Drive button on the Chrome Browser. So use google drive chrome extension to make work your easier.

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How to save work online directly to Google Drive:

  1. Download the Google Drive Chrome Extension from the bottom of this page in your Chrome.
  2. Once you have installed google drive chrome extension, you’ll find that there is an button of Drive on the right hand upper corner of Chrome.How to save work online directly to Google Drive
  3. Now all you have to save some work.
  4. Whenever you are on some page you want to save. Go to that page and click on that button. Make sure you are signed in with your Google Account else it will ask you to do that.
  5. If you want to save some pdf or link you found on google or somewhere than right click on it and click on “Save to Google Drive” It will upload that data directly to your Google Drive.
  6. After that, it will start uploading your page to your google drive. From where you can see or download that anytime anywhere you want.

Above method tells you about How to save work online directly to Google Drive so that you can access it anywhere using smartphones, tablets, laptops.

Download Google Drive Chrome Extension here.

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