How to redirect gmail to another email account.

Google’s provides one of the most important features, which is email service Gmail. Email lets you send and receive message in electric form and by using the Google’s email service Gmail you can communicate with the other person whom you wants to communicate who is the other user on internet. Emails have many advantages like, a message can be send to any part of the world in a fraction of second, you can add content that much you want, it does not necessary for the user to stay on computer all the time to receive the message as the message is stored by our service provider.

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In addition, we all know that email provides you the various features, which are very useful to user, or you can say the key features of email. They are reply or forward a message, store a message, delete or print a message, Inbox, outbox, Attachments etc.

Sometime you cannot able to manage to emails account, so in this article we share with you that How to redirect gmail to another email account. This article will tell you to about redirecting your incoming mail to some other email account from your gmail in easy steps. You have to follow some easy steps, which are listed below so that you can easily manage your account. It will help you in forwarding your important mails which you want to keep it with you.

This article helps you when you have multiple accounts and you does not want to log in to multiple accounts. If you want to keep, the data or you can say all the messages in one single email account from multiple accounts. You can easily understand how to redirect Gmail to another email account like hotspot, yahoo automatically.

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How to redirect Gmail to another email account:

Steps to follow:

Step 1 : firstly you have to log in into that email account in which you want to forward the email. So, go to “” where you have to write your email id and id- password then click sign in

Step 2 : Now when you click on sign in you are now into your account where you need to transfer or forward Email. Then you have to click on setting icon, which you can see, in the top right corner.

how to redirect gmail to another email account

Step 3 : when you click on the setting icon you will see many options now go to setting  from there you have to click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP which you see in setting menu.

how to redirect gmail to another email account

Step 4:  there you find the option – add a forwarding address. Click on that icon.

Step 5: now you see a window in which you have to write the mail address of that account from which you want to forward your mails. now click on next button and then proceed button and then ok.

how to redirect gmail to another email account

Step 6 :  the work is not over till now. Now you have to log out from the running account and now you have to enter that account which you write in add a forwarding address.

Step 7 :  Now after log in that account, check out the inbox. You will find a Gmail forwarding configuration email with an activation link.

Step 8: open that message and click on configuration message.

Step 9: no go to setting icon and click setting and now click Forwarding and POP/IMAP

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Step 10: here you see verify option click on it and now see that you must select forward a copy of incoming mail to option. Click on save setting.

Finally all ready and now you know how to redirect gmail to another email account. Hope this article help you in all way.

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