How to hide a file behind an image windows 7/8/XP

How to hide a file behind an image: Hiding your files and document in folder inside folder or with password is a good option. We are sharing you a different way to hide your files and document. You can hide your files and documents behind the image in windows XP/7/8.

Some files and documents that you do not want, that other will see in your computer. For that, you can hide files and documents in folder inside folder or by creating password in files and documents. We share with one different technique so that you can hide your files and documents in windows behind an image. You have to follow some easy steps given below.

Before starting lets understand what hiding behind image, mean. If someone will open that image in windows, he will see only image. The file or document will remain hidden. If you want to open that, file or document in windows. You have to follow certain steps. In this article, I will tell you steps for that also.

How to hide a file behind an image:

Steps to hide file behind an image in windows:

For doing this, you must have basic in command line. If not learn it first. I give you steps to hide file on desktop. However, you can also hide your file in any directory. Only thing is that you have to know about command line. Steps are as follow.

1.  First, select the image in which you want to hide the file.

2.  Move it to desktop. You can rename the image whatever you want. Let’s take an example: techcrises.jpg

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3.  Now select the file, which you want to hide.

How to hide a file behind an image

4.  Make that file in .RAR format. You can change file to .RAR format using WINRAR.

How to hide a file behind an image

5.  Now move the file, which is in .RAR format to desktop. Let’s take an example: file_techcrises.RAR

How to hide a file behind an image

6.  Go to start.

7.  Select RUN and type cmd. Windows will open like given below.

8.  Type cd desktop. (cd- change directory)

9.  Now type ” copy /b techcrises.jpg+file_techcrises.RAR final.jpg “.

How to hide a file behind an image

jpg is a name of final image where file is hiding. You can change the name by whatever you want.

Final.jpg, which is created on the desktop. Now open it. You will see that normal image is open.

Steps to open hidden file on windows:

  1. Open WINRAR.
  2. Specify the location of image.
  3. Extract it.
  4. Now you can access the file.

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