How To Get More Followers on Instagram

How to Get More Followers on Instagram : As all of you know about instagram. It is the social networking medium which lets you share your photos with everyone in your network. Instagram lets you edit your photo and give you some features to enhance your your photo by adding some additional enhancing features. But even editing and enhancing your picture quality doesn’t mean that you deserve to have more followers than anyone else. To know how to get more followers on Instagram you have to allot more than enhancing your photos and sharing them. To get more followers you have to perform or should i say do multiple tricks to increase followers on Instagram. So here is an article on How To Get More Followers on Instagram.

how to get more followers on instagramHow To Get More Followers on Instagram :

Trick 1 : Make Attractive Profile And Publicize

Making you profile attractive draws attention from other people. It attracts people to follow you. And to make an attractive profile you have to provide an attractive description. Also your profile picture should be interesting. To get more followers on Instagram you should know how to publicize your Instagram Profile. Post the URL link of your profile on your Facebook, Twitter profile. This will publicize your Instagram Profile which helps increasing more followers. This will help you on How to get more followers on Instagram.

URL for your profile will be like :

Trick 2 : Follow More People And Start Liking Photos

One of the basic step to get more followers is to follow others. If you follow others there is a chance that they’ll follow you and thus how you can get more followers on Instagram. But Just by following you cannot attract more followers. You also have to like their photos, comment on them. Make sure whatever you comment on their posted photo should be nice. Also, Don’t comment on the post where your comment can’t be seen due to multiple number of comments. This will help you to attract more followers.

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how to get more followers on instagram

Trick 3 : Photo Sharing

Instagram is not about sharing your photos only. You have to share photos which are famous, interesting. Popular photos are the ones which helps you to get more followers. Popular and Interesting photos include photos of Cars, Forts, Beaches and Landscape. Just by sharing them doesn’t help you to get more followers, you also have to add a captions to them which makes people and followers to like it and follow you. If you share a photo of a car say Lamborghini then you should add a caption to your photo #lamborghini , this will let others know about your photos who are not your to get more followers on instagram

Trick 4 : Tagging And Interacting

Whenever you click a picture and share it on your Instagram, don’t forget to tag it with different followers. This is will let them comment on your photo and let them know about you. Keep engaging them using photos. Add them in your caption, comments as well. Interact with them in Comments. Socialize much with them so that they never forget about you. Also, this will sometime make others to tag you in their photo which will help develop more followers on your profile. Use popular tags like #awesome , #birds and more.

how to get more followers on instagram

Trick 5 : Engage your Followers

Maintaining your followers is also essential. You have to talk to them, communicate with them. Keep them engaging with photos you posted. Post frequently but not much. You have to post regularly which will maintain your followers on Instagram. So post regularly but don’t post all at once this will annoy your followers which is not good for you. Share your photos over different Social Networking website like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Foursquare. Tag different People and name the location which is sometime quite helpful to attract followers.

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Above tricks will definitely help you to get more followers on Instagram. I hope that these tips and tricks will help you to increase number of followers on your profile. So keep sharing on Instagram and enjoy.

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