How to Fix Error Code 80073CF6 in Windows Phones

Windows Phones are still one of the most used smartphones in the world and nowadays are exclusively developed by Microsoft. Even with the hard competition from iOS and Android, Windows Phones are still among the best. But even after creating such a great product, these devices often have some issues and problems. One of the problem among them is Windows Phone Error Code 80073CF6. This error is often faced by users that try to update or install any app from the App Store. During installing or updating such error appears, which makes impossible to update or install the application. It’s important to notice, that most often the error appears for users who have Technical Peview version installed on their Windows phones. Symptoms that comes with this error are:

  • Unable to install any App from the Windows App Store.
  • Unable to update any app using Windows App Store.
  • Every time an app tries to update itself using Auto Update, the error 80073CF6 appears.

This will show a message like this:

There is a problem completing your request. Try again later.

Inquiring minds might find this error code helpful: 80073CF6

Error Code 80073CF6 in Windows Phones

How To Fix Error Code 80073CF6 in Windows Phones

You don’t have to worry as we already came up with the solution: here is an article on how to fix Error Code 80073CF6 in Windows phones which should help you to solve the problem.

Methods to Fix Error Code 80073CF6 in Windows Phones

Here are 4 different methods to fix this issue, check them one-by-one and apply until the problem gets solved.

Method 1: Try to use Wi-Fi

If you’re using Mobile Data to install or update app from the Windows App Store, then try to use Wi-Fi to install or update the app. This is effective in most of the cases. This error appears while installing apps and can be resolved using this.

If the above method doesn’t work for you then try the below method to fix the error.

Method 2: Clear Cache and perform a Soft reset

Clearing cache and performing a soft reset works for a lot of people, so we recommend you to try this too, this method is effective in most of the cases:

  • Go to Settings -> Applications -> Internet Explorer -> Tap on Delete History.
  • Now hold Power Button + Volume Down. Now the phone will restart.
  • Go to Settings –> Email + AccountsTap and hold Microsoft Account and select Sync.
  • Now try to update or install any app and check for the results.

Clearing cache and performing a soft reset helps to solve the error in Windows Phones.

Method 3: Turn Off Automatic Update

If the above method didn’t work, then try this method to fix the error.

  • Go to Settings -> Date + Time -> Turn off automatic updates.

Error Code 80073CF6 in Windows Phones

Now check if you are able to download or update any app from the Windows Phone App Store. This method will work for sure.

Method 4: Reset The Phone

This a method which will refresh your Windows Phone And it will definitely remove and fix error code 80073CF6 in Windows Phones. You should make a complete backup of your device data before the reset, it will help you in case you’ll lose all your data. This backup will be restored in your phone once the reset is done. Follow the instructions below:

Backup Windows phone:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Tap on “Backup”.
  • Now tap on “Apps + settings“.
  • To backup your settings, tap on “Settings Backup”.
  • To backup your apps, tap on “App Backup”.

Reset The Phone

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Tap on “About”.
  • Tap on “Reset your Phone”.
  • Now, two warning would prompt on your screen. Just tap “Yes” and move forward.
  • You have successfully reset your phone.

Note: Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi while restoring.

Restore the Backup

  • Set up your phone after Reset.
  • Sign in using the same Microsoft account you used when you created your backup.
  • When you’re prompted to restore your phone, tap on the backup you created just before resetting your device, then tap “Next”.
  • If you’re asked to verify your account, provide the necessary security code and other options, then tap on “Next”.
  • Wait for the restore to complete, then tap on “Next.
  • Enter passwords for your restored accounts, then tap on “Next”. And now you have successfully reset your phone without losing any data.

Now, Error Code 80073CF6 in Windows Phones has also been solved.

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