How To Fix Error Code 80072F30 in Windows Phones : Solved

How To Fix Error Code 80072F30 in Windows Phones : Today most of the people are using Smartphones and mostly they are using Windows Phone, Android or iOS based smartphones. This is amazing as now Microsoft is producing every Windows Phone. But sometimes while developing these phones it is very difficult to produce perfect phones without any fault. So here is one of the common error faced by the people using Microsoft Windows Phones – 80072F30. Most of the people complaining about the error code 80072F30 in windows phones when syncing mailbox on Windows Phone 8. Symptoms that comes with this error are :

  • You’ll not be able to Sync Mailbox.
  • When trying to add another Email account.
  • Mostly happens when trying to sync using an operator provided internet connection.

You don’t have to worry as i have come up with the solution. Here is an article on “How To Fix Error Code 80072F30 in Windows Phones” which would solve your problem. I am sharing few methods to fix Error Code 80072F30 as there is no specific fix or solution to this error code 80072F30 in Windows Phones. Follow these methods until the error Code 80072F30 gets solved.

How To Fix Error Code 80072F30 in Windows Phones

Methods to Fix Error Code 80072F30 in Windows Phones:

Here are four methods to fix or solve error code 80072F30 in Windows phones. Check these methods one-by-one and apply them until the problem gets solved.

Method 1 : Date and Time Method

Set your Date and Time Manually. See here on How to do it.

  • Go to: Settings –> Date and Time.
  • Uncheck Automatically Option.
  • Set Date and Time Manually.
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Most of the Users facing this problem Solve / Fix Error Code 80072F30 in Windows Phone using this method.

Method 2 : Update APN

Sometimes this happens just because of the reason that Internet APN and the access points in the customer data plan are not same. To check and update the APN settings.

  • Call the Customer Care and ask for the APN settings (Make Sure to Setup APN Manually).
  • Go to: Settings –> Access Point –> Add.
  • Check if the Settings are same as described by the executive or re-add them.

If the above method is not able to fix or solve this error code 80072F30 in Windows Phones then try the below one.

Method 3 : Sync Calender with an Exchange Account

This happens because the date on the server side and on the device are not same. The only way to fix using this method is to contact System Administrator and check for the right date and time. If they are not same then correct to fix this issue else try the next method to fix error code 80072F30 in Windows Phones.

Method 4 : Inbound / Outbound Port Settings

Sometimes this is found that this error is fixed by correcting the Inbound and Outbound Settings. I know most of the people are not aware of these settings but they are easy to find and even easier to correct them if they are not.

  • Go to: Settings –> Email + Accounts.
  • Now look over the internet for the right inbound and outbound settings for your Email Server like Gmail, Yahoo and more.
  • Tap on the account to check the inbound and outbound settings in your Windows Phone Device.
  • Compare the settings with the internet ones. If they are not correct, Correct them.
  • If you are unable to correct them, then delete the account and reconfigure according to the the given inbound and outbound settings provided on the internet.
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Now, error code 80072F30 in Windows Phones has been solved. You can now sync Mailbox on Windows Phone 8 even using an operator provided internet connection.

I hope that all the above will help you to fix or solve this issue without any problem. Above is the article about How To Fix Error Code 80072F30 in Windows Phones. If you face any problem or have any query related to this article then feel free to contact us by commenting below. If it helps you then return us the favor by sharing it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. For more such useful articles. Prefer SUBSCRIBING us or follow us on Facebook.

Thank You.

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