How to Fix Error Code 80072efd in Windows Phones: Solved

How to Fix Error Code 80072efd in Windows Phones:  Windows Phone are used by most of the people now-a-days. Windows Phones are ruling the market and are giving competition to iOS and Android Phones. Windows OS are always coming in particular sequence like Windows 7 then Windows 8 and more on. Office 365 is a frequently accessed application by most of the windows phone users. They want this app to be in association with their email address so that they can receive, edit and send office files easily. Users of Office 365 are constantly experiencing problem while synchronizing their Outlook account with this application. This error usually happens to those Windows Phone users who switched from other devices with same operating system or the devices with different operating systems. Symptom that comes with this error are:

  • Unable to synchronize Outlook account with this application.

Following Error Code will appear on the screen.

Error code: 80072EFD We’re having a problem connecting to

If you are searching for the same issue then you are at the right place. Let us discuss about “How to Fix Error Code 80072efd in Windows Phones”. I am sharing few methods to fix Error Code 80072efd as there is no specific fix or solution to this error code 80072efd in Windows Phones. Follow these methods until the error Code 80072efd gets solved.

error code 80072efd in windows phones

Methods to Fix Error Code 80072efd in Windows Phones:

Here are three methods to fix or solve error code 80072efd in Windows phones. Check these methods one-by-one and apply them until the problem gets solved.

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Method 1 :

One of the easiest way to solve/fix this error is to turn off your Windows Phone. and turn it on. Most of the people who are having this problem have resolved this issue by restarting their windows phone.

Method 2 :

If you are using Mobile Data while trying to synchronize Outlook account with Office 365.

  • Turn Off your Mobile Data.
  • Wait for at least 30-50 seconds and then restart your Phone.
  • Turn On Mobile Data.

This will solve/fix this issue.

Method 3 :

This method is highly effective and will surely help you if none of the above method is able to fix issue in your phone.

  • Login in to Outlook Web App (
  • Go to: Options > See All Options >Phone > Mobile Phones.
  • Check for the Mobile Device and remove it from the list.
  • Remove Office 365 account from the phone as well.
  • And After a while, Re-add Office365 account.

This will surely fix error code 80072efd in windows phones.

How to Set up an Account :

  • Go to: Start –> App list –> Settings –> Email + accounts.
  • Tap on “add an account” and then “Outlook”.
  • Enter your “email” and “password”  and Sign in.

Your email account should now be set up. If your email account can’t be set up automatically, you’ll see the message, “We couldn’t find your settings”. In this case follow the below steps.

  • Go to: Advance.
  • Fill up your full “Email address”, “Password” and “Username”.
  • To fill “Domain” field, enter the domain(host) name of your email (e.g.
  • To fill Server field, Go to Outlook Web app and then,
    • Go to: Settings –> Options –> Account –> My account –> Settings for POP and IMAP access.
    • Find out your server name under “POP setting”, look at the value for “Server name”. Put it into the Server field of Advanced settings.
  • Now Tap on “Show all settings” and check the box next to Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection
  • Tap on “Sign in”.
  • Select “OK” if you are asked to enforce policies or set a password.
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error code 80072efd in windows phones

Now, error code 80072efd in Windows Phones has been solved. You can now easily synchronize Outlook account with Office 365 without any problem.

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