How to Download & Backup Facebook profile data.

As you, all know that Facebook is one of the best social networking website. Nowadays million of users are using it. Facebook gives you the platform where you can share information like photo, files, videos, messaging and many other things you can do. Increasing in number of user also leads hacking of account problem. My point is that what you will do if by mistake you delete your account, hacked by someone or disabled. You may have some important data on your account and you will not afford to lose it. This is not a problem of some users but hundreds of users are facing it.

So, friends, do not worry we are here to help you. This article share information or steps regarding making backup of Facebook data. This will helps you to see your Facebook data whenever you want. This backup features offer by Facebook means a lot to all users as by chance when you lose your account then at that time you have all your data at that time.

So before moving towards the steps let me tell you about the Facebook content, which are provided by the Facebook backup? These Facebook backups make a backup of all your account photos and videos. Allow backup of all messages, Facebook chat history and wall posts. Takes a backup of yours friends name and email id (NOTE: it depends upon your privacy setting). These methods are very useful to download & backup Facebook profile data.

How to Download & Backup Facebook profile data

Method to backup facebook profile data

  1. Type in url: or click here.
  2. Now type your username and password.
  3. When you log in –> now click on the symbol(Upper right Corner) –> Click on Settings –> click on it.backup facebook profile data
  4. When a new page opens, you will see option “Download a copy of your facebook data” at the bottom of the page –> tab on it.backup facebook profile data
  5. You will see now “START MY ARCHIVE” option –> click on it.
  6. It will take certainly some time. Wait until next or final step come up.
  7. In the next or final step, you have to re-enter the password so that downloading of your archive get started.
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backup facebook profile data

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