How To Change Mailto Behavior in Windows 7 / 8

How To Change Mailto Behavior in Windows 7 /8 : Mailto is the scheme for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) email addresses. Mailto protocol feature provides clicking a link in a website to send an e-mail without having to copy the destination e-mail address and open it in an e-mail client. Mailto protocol lets you create hyperlinks which will directly launch default email software and lets you compose a new email message. As you can it can save allot of time but sometimes it’s default behavior can change every time when a new application or program gets installed into your system. Also, it’s click able links doesn’t work properly. Basically it happens due to mail application in your computer which uses a simple program that is usingĀ  Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to send Emails. Mailto protocol is the finest and fastest technique to send an email by just clicking a link in a website. Below we are providing here with the guide on How To Change Mailto Behavior in Windows 7 /8.

How To Change Mailto Behavior in Windows 7/8 :

It’s a step by step approach to change Mailto Behavior in windows. Please follow the below steps. Please comment for any difficulty.

  • Go to : Control Panel by first clicking on the ” Start Menu “ and then clicking on ” Control Panel “. If you start menu doesn’t have any Control Panel Option, then type Control Panel in the Search Bar at the bottom of Start Menu. And click on the Control Panel option.How To Change Mailto Behavior in Windows 7 /8
  • Go to : Programs –> Click on ” Make a file type always open in a specific program ” under Default Programs.How To Change Mailto Behavior in Windows 7 /8
  • Wait a while as this will take some time to preview. Now you will see a list. Go to : MAILTO under protocol section in the list. You will find this MAILTO option mostly at the bottom of the list so drag to the bottom.How To Change Mailto Behavior in Windows 7 /8
  • Double Click on the MAILTO option. You will see a new windows pop up.How To Change Mailto Behavior in Windows 7 /8
  • As the new window pop up it will ask you to choose the program you want to use to open this protocol. So all you got to do is to choose the program in which you want to open this protocol.
  • Click on OK and you have successfully change Mailto Behavior in windows 7/8.
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Note : This process is similar for both Windows 7 and Windows 8. You will not find any difficulty while performing this change in Mailto behavior in Windows 7 /8.

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