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Disable telemetry in Windows 10

Since Windows 10 operating system release there is still a lot of discussions on how the OS is spying on users machines and sending collected data about computer and installed applications to Microsoft servers. A lot of people getting angry because of this, someone don’t pay attention,

Fix: USB Device Not Recognized in Windows 10

In case while you are connecting the flash drive, external hard drive, printer or other USB device in Windows 10, and you are facing with error USB Device Not Recognized, this guide should help to solve the problem. This error can occur with USB 3.0 and USB

Windows phone error 8500201D

Error 8500201D is an old and constant error that has been plaguing users of Windows phone for years. This error prevents users from syncing contacts, emails and calendar events. It affect as Windows Phone 8.1 users, as well as users of Windows 10 Mobile. This error also can start