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Command Prompt in Windows 10

Command prompt is an important part of Windows operating system for many years — a lot of operations related to the system management is used to perform with the help of this tool. Nowadays Microsoft promotes own more advanced PowerShell console, but we are sure that Command

Fix Search is Not Working in Windows 10

Search in Windows 10 is a great feature and a lot of us use it every day. After the updates the usual method to get into some specific application or setting is used to be changed, so search can become a powerful tool that helps you to

How To Disable Automatic Drivers Update In Windows 10

One of the new awesome features of Windows 10 Update service is an automatic search, downloading and updating the drivers for PC’s hardware. In most cases it’s pretty useful feature: the system installing the needed software and user can even don’t think about this. But sometimes Windows

How to clean FileRepository folder in DriverStore

While cleaning up disk on Windows 10, you can notice that folder FileRepository started taking up too much space (and often it’s a GBs of free space!) and won’t be emptied by using standard cleaning tools. In this instruction we will take a closer look on what

How to fix high ping in Windows 10

Anyone who plays online games (especially on PC) will tell you that having a high ping is definitely not good, sometimes you get a large one even with the best configuration that is possible. Ping is a measure of the speed of your connection or, more specifically,

How to calibrate display on Windows 10 PC

The Display Color Calibration tool (which is used to calibrate display of PC or laptop) is built into Windows 10 OS. It allows you to set colors depth, brightness and contrast of screen etc., and that makes working on PC more individual and comfortable. Note: In this

How to disable all ads in Windows 10

The important difference between Windows 10 and its previous versions – a new policy on promoting services within the operating system. Earlier, when users purchase Windows, they were getting some service-packs and forget about further functional updates after that. But today the situation has changed drastically. Together

How to clear clipboard in Windows 10?

Almost every day we are using clipboards on different devices, including Windows operating system. In this short article we will take a deeper look at the Windows 10 clipboard and show how to clear it up. What is a clipboard? Clipboard is a special zone at RAM,