Top Tips And Tricks Of Android M : Be An Android M Master

Top Tips And Tricks Of Android M : Most of the people i know are wondering what is new in Android M. Well it’s not just an upgraded version to Android Lollipop. Well it is much more than that. It is Android M. Android M is one of the most updated version Of Android developed By Google. Google is progressing with the development each day. That are developing new things which are better and more advance than any other thing. Well Now We are here with the Android Top Tips and Tricks. We have gathered here with some top tips and tricks of Android M which will let you like Android M more. Even these tips and tricks will make you a master of Android M. These are some Top Tips and tricks of Android M.

Top Tips And Tricks Of Android M

Top Tips And Tricks Of Android M : Be A Master

Top Tips And Tricks Of Android M :

Light Or Dark Theme :

As one of the android user, i hate it that i have this common android theme. For any other theme, I have to install a app. But now as per my requirement i can adjust the theme i want in Android M. Well this change in Android theme is limited to Settings. This tricks is left unnoticed in Nexus 6 but here we are pointing this tip and attractive feature of Android M. For a light or dark theme in Android M you have to make certain changes in settings. This is one of the my favourite Top tips and tricks of Android M.

Go to : Settings –> Developer Options –> Theme and pick Light, Dark or Automatic.

Application Permission :

Well in the past version of Android this thing or feature is not available to Android Users. To provide seperate permission for different Application, Android M developer understand the need for this  feature and provide a method. To change and configure the Application Permission,

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Go To : Settings –> Apps and select an application to see its permissions. Top Tips And Tricks Of Android M

Control RAM Usage :

Whenever you have to control RAM Usage in previous android version, it is pretty difficult. So now Google or say Android Developers introduced a new method or feature which will let you have control over RAM. It’s much more like a RAM Manager. Whenever you want to know which process or Application is taking or using too much RAM, You can force stop it in here.

Go To : Settings –> Applications –> Overflow Menu –> Advanced –> Memory.

Tap on whichever application and check if you want to force stop it or not by tapping on the option.

Uninstall Application Directly :

Whenever you want to uninstall the application in the previous version of Android, You have to go to application manager and then uninstall it. Well in here Android M, You have a very simple procedure to uninstall the Application. Here in Android M, Whenever you will long press the Application on the Home screen, it will enable a Application Drawer which have the option for App’s info and to Uninstall. So Whatever your choice will, it will take the step according.

Developer Option :

I’m sure you all have heard about this option. Well let me tell you now this option cannot be accessed easily in Android M. You have to make an effort to access this option. Well it’s not like a Rocket Science. But all you have to do is to Go to : Settings –> About Phone –> Tap Seven Times on Build Number. This is pretty strange but this is the only method which will lead you to access Developer Option.

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Now, Go to : Settings –> Developers Options.

Top Tips And Tricks Of Android M

Access Google Now On Lock Screen :

Well this is pretty interesting that now you can access Google Now even when the phone is locked. Keep in mind that you can use Google Now to make a call just by using your Voice. To do this, just swipe from the bottom left hand corner of the lock screen to make the Google Now feature listen to your Voice Command. Isn’t it pretty interesting feature of Android M. This is quite helping and is considered one the best among all the top tips and tricks of Android M.

Android M Latest Doze Feature :

This is one of the most amazing Android M Feature. All you have to do is to enable it. This Android M feature is known as Doze. This will keep your Battery optimised. This is quite interesting feature of Android M. Whenever you keep your Android M inactive for few minutes, It will switch the system to Hibernate Mode. Priority Notification and Alarms are active even in Hibernate Mode.

But if you want to enable application even in Android M Hibernate Mode, all you can do is enable only upto three application. So to do this,

Go To : Settings –> Apps –> Overflow Menu –> Advanced –> Ignore Optimizations.

So here we are completed with all the top tips and trick of Android M. These all will definitely attract you towards Android M. And will definitely create you a Master.

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