Tips and Tricks for Whatsapp android.

In the previous article, we share information regarding how to hide profile picture and share location on whatsapp. Now we came up with useful tips and tricks for whatsapp android, which might be helpful for you and hope you all enjoy these trick.

As you, all know that whatsapp is getting very popular day by day. More than 500 million users are using it monthly for sharing documents, audio videos, photo, messages and many more. This application whatsapp is a platform for sharing many information but it need internet for communication.

Due to its features, whatsapp is popular among every age of people. We are here to share some useful tips and tricks for whatsapp android, you can try on any other smart phones. So let us get started.

Tips and Tricks for Whatsapp Android:

Reduce video size:

In whatsapp, you cannot send video more than 12MB in size. Therefore, for reducing the video size you can use one of the best android app is video converter android. This app will positively help you in reducing video size.

Recover deleted message:

Some time it may happen that you delete some important whatsapp message so in order to recover them, this trick will help you in getting back your deleted message. In order to recover them follow these easy steps.  Open SD card –> go to whatsapp –> now click on file msgstore-yyyy.dd.db.crypt and msgstore.db.crypt. These file contain messages of seven days and you can view in note pad.

Password protection for whatsapp:

For privacy of your whatsapp messages, you can put password on it. To put password on your whatsapp you can use these two application listed below. These two applications help you in maintaining your privacy. From Google play store you can install Messenger and Chat Lock to password protect your whatsapp.

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tips and tricks for whatsapp android

Theme for whatsapp:

WHATSAPP PLUS HOLO app is available in android, which help you in customizing your whatsapp. So download and install this app and you can make your whatsapp more interesting and good looking. Try it, as it is a coolest app.

tips and tricks for whatsapp android

Trick to send and upload Different type of files:

In whatsapp you cannot able to send and upload any files, you are restricted to some file. But if you want to send pdf, apk, zip or any other format file for that we provide you some easy steps so that you can able to send different files. Follow these easy steps listed below:

–>Download dropbox app and cloudsend app –> install it –> open it.

–>After that, link cloudsend to dropbox and now share file and document you want to share.

–>Finally, Cloudsend will upload the file to dropbox and you will get a link of it.

–>You can now share this link on whatsapp with your friends and they can download that file by clicking on that link.

Stop auto multimedia data download:

If you want to stop auto multimedia- audio, videos, photo download you can do it. This trick help you in saving your internet data MB and you can download only those content which you want to download. Follow easy step open whatsapp –> go to setting –> chat setting –> Media auto-download. From there you can change it by uncheck all options. You can see three options ‘when roaming’, ‘when using mobile data’, ‘when on Wi-Fi’.

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tips and tricks for whatsapp android

Fake conversation:

You are thinking how you can create fake conversation. To do so you have to just download and install Whatsaid app which help you to create fake conversation. Try this trick and enjoy this prank.

Hide profile photo and share location:

You can hide your photo and share location on whatsapp. This is new trick on whatsapp which will help you in making your whatsapp more attracting and useful. You can see full detail how can you hide photo and share location whatsapp by clicking on this link how to hide profile picture and share location on whatsapp.

So these are the tips and tricks for whatsapp android and we hope that these will help you. Till then I will keep on searching more new tips and tricks for whatsapp so that we can share with you.

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