How to use Android Wear with iPhone : Full Guide

How to use Android Wear with iPhoneAndroid wear are used widely by the android phone users. Android wear are quite cheap and now the main thing is they can be used on an iPhone. Well, iPhone users now don’t have to worry. Main thing is Apple Watch is not cheap and the people who recently switched from android to iPhone and had Android Wear don’t have to sell their android wear as it can be used with iPhone. Android wear have allot of features and provides allot of benefits. So here we are with a method where you can use Android Wear with iPhone. Don’t worry, it’s not some illegal method. It’s a genuine legal method so you don’t have to worry. So lets check on How to use Android Wear with iPhone.

Android Wear with iPhone

How to use Android Wear with iPhone

How to use Android Wear with iPhone :

Well this is an authentic method on How to use Android Wear with iPhone. So you don’t have to worry. This is provided by Apple and Google. Apple App Store on iPhone have this app available to download for free name Android Wear.  

But before connecting Android wear to your iPhone you have to do some work. This work includes updgrading your iPhone iOS to latest iOS or atleast iOS 8.2. Also, you have to update your Android wear version.

Things you should keep in mind before connecting Android Wear with iPhone :

  • Only iPhone 5 and above can be used to connect.
  • iOS 8.2 and above version.
  • Latest Android Wear Firmware version. (Don’t Worry we’ll tell you how to do that).
  • Well, you can use Ok Google in your Android Wear after connecting it with iPhone.
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How to update iOS vesion :

  • Go to : Settings –> General –> Software Update.
  • Follow this and it will lead to help you update iOS version.

How to Update Watch Firmware :

  • Use your Android smartphone or borrow one from your friend.
  • Connect your Android wear with the android smartphone and update it’s firmware.
  • Now Factory reset your Android wear so that it can be connected to iPhone.
  • Now all you have to do is to connect it with iPhone.

How to use Android Wear with iPhone :

  • Download Android Wear App in your iPhone using App Store.
  • This app is available for free to download and developed by Google Inc.
  • Now connect Android Wear with iPhone.
  • These are the methods which are required to useAndroid Wear with iPhone.

So this is the method and full guide on How to use Android Wear with iPhone. Hope you like it.

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