How to speed up android phone: 5 useful android tips

Is your Android phone or tablet become slow – moving over time? We are here with you to give some useful tips and tricks on how to speed up android phone and tablet so that they will always remain new…

World is changing, Technology is updating every day, and android users are increasing day by day. In today’s world, the use of android phone and tablet is increasing at a very faster rate. However, with the increasing popularity of android devices and increasing number of android users they face some problem likes android devices get slow down, switching between application are getting slower. To overcome these problems we provide you five easier and helpful steps on how to speed up android phone and tablet.

how to speed up android phone

How to speed up android phone:

  • Updated android device:

    So to make your device as new one firstly you have to update it. It is the most important step. To speed up your android phone and tablet, Software Updating is necessary as the manufactures and carriers continually develops new software, changes in the internal operating system for your android devices. These software updates mainly include security and bug fixer to provide stability for your android devices.

    How you can check for software update on your android device? You have to follow step given below.

    Go to: Settings -> About phone -> Software update

how to speed up android phone

  • Clear caches:

    Time to time caches built in your android devices. These caches affect your devices so you have to clean these caches in regular interval. You can download free software’s for deleting caches. Lots of free cleaner software is available in the Google Play Store. Check out on android store. Also if you do not want to download software you can directly delete caches in the application info manually.

    Go to: Settings –> Application Manager –> Select App -> Clear Cache

how to speed up android phone              Note: You have to do this for each app manually.

  • Disable Animations:

    Use of animation also leads to extra use of battery and slowing of device. Therefore, it is prefer that turning off animation leads to longer battery life and faster device.

    How to disable animation:

    Go to: Setting-> Developer option -> Turn off the Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animator Duration Scale.

how to speed up android phone

  • Uninstall unused applications:

    Uninstall all those applications, which are not in use as it also affects your android device. Internal storage capacity varies from devices to devices. Some devices have limited amount of internal storage facility. If you want to store Photos, Music etc in your device, I will suggest you that uninstall all unused applications, So that your device will not slow down.

    You can uninstall by:

    Go to: Setting -> Application menu -> select application -> uninstall

    how to speed up android phone

Also, note that: – Some applications, which are pre installed by manufacture, cannot be uninstalled. You can only disable it. Some android phone and tablet also have external storage facility so you can move application in microSD.

  • Limit widgets and live wallpaper:

    We know widgets are very useful in device as it help in getting information quicker. Less use of widgets, also help in buildup of your phone. Large number of widgets leads to excess us of battery and slow your android phone and device.

    Live wallpaper is also one of the most interesting features of androids. Using live wallpaper also lead to extra usage of battery which also slow your device so limit the use of live wallpaper.

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