How to increase storage space on android device: 3 easy steps

Is your android device have microSD slot? If not. How to increase storage space on android device? Where you store data? How can you add extra storage? Like all these questions running into your mind. Hence, we share a solution with you. After that, you will be able to increase storage space on android (Unexpandable).

Android devices have a feature like expandable memory. This feature is one of the biggest advantages of android device over iPhone. The HTC one, Nexus, MotoG or any other android model, which does not have microSD card slot, are not able to store large data due to fixed storage limit. No doubt about saying that HTC one, Moto G and Nexus are excellent phones. However, its only trap part is their fixed storage limit.

It is not truly real. You can increase storage space on android which doesn’t have memory card slot by using USB OTG. USB OTG stands for USB on-the-go. It is one of the specifications of USB. With the help of USB OTG, you can connect flash drive with your android phone for extra storage. Here are some steps that help you in expending your unexpandable android phone.

increase storage space on android

How to increase storage space on android:

Step 1: You cannot directly connect your android phone with flash drive. To connect, you need a USB OTG cable. So that your phone micro USB port will connect to full size, flash drive USB port.

  • Fill your flash drive with all those stuff which you want. Like music, video, movie, photo, documents, etc. all those you want, which you do not able to store in phone internal memory. These flash drives help you in storing many movies and music which you do not able to store in limited storage.
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Step 2: Connect the flash drive with your android phone with the help of USB OTG cable. After that, your device will automatically go to USB host mode like in HTC one. From there you can access what you want. You access all the stuff, which you store in flash drive. You can listen song. You can play video. You can watch movies. You can access documents and many more.

increase storage space on android

Step 3: But in certain android phone, it is not necessary that your device come with USB OTG driver. You can learn rooting from KINGO ANDROID ROOT a free application. It helps or tech you how to root your device. After that it is prefer that you install application that helps in the visibility of external driver in front of operating system. Most popular android application is USB OTG Helper. Run the application. Now you can access the flash drive in the desire manner.

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