How to Choose Right Engine for x86 Android Games

How to Choose Right Engine for x86 Android Games : Now-a-days android is one of the leading Operating System. Most of the developers are trying to develop applications for Android OS. Most common thing among android users is that all of them are playing games. For developing android based games, developers have to choose the right engine. So here we are to tell on how to choose right engine for x86 android games for optimal performance and compatibility. For a developer of android applications who wants to get quick response must develop android based games.

If someone checks top grossing apps on Google Play store, around half of them are games. By this one can judge that among all the android apps, android games are in more demand. Most of the android apps developers are confused on how to choose right engine for x86 android games. This article helps you to understand the basics of how to choose right engine for x86 android games. Most of the android games developers are smart as they choose some preexisting game engines to design the app so that they don’t need to spend more time for developing.

We are providing you with the three best engines to develop android based games.

  • Unreal Engine
  • Marmalade
  • Project Anarchy

Some factors to consider before choosing the right engine for x86 based android games:

  • Languages – On which Developer can work.
  • Dimensionality – 2D or 3D
  • Artist Pipeline – Integration with Content Creation Tool.
  • Full Source Access – Access to make deep changes to the engine.
  • Cost
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Engines For Developing x86 Based Android Games:

Unreal Engine : How to Choose Right Engine for x86 Android Games

It is developed by Epic Games in the year 1998. Unreal Engine is used to develop games for PC, Console and Smartphones. Unreal Engine features a high degree of portability.

Features :

  • Blueprint visual scripting
  • Instant Game Preview
  • Real-time global illumination using Voxel Cone tracing
  • DirectX Rendering Features
  • Stimulate and Immersive View
  • Unreal Editor – To edit 3D Content

To check more about Unreal Engine. Click here.

Games Built Using Unreal Engine :

  • Real Boxing
  • Man of Steel – Official Mobile Game
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • And many more..

Marmalade :How to Choose Right Engine for x86 Android Games

It is a cross-platform software development kit and game engine for developing android based games for mobile and desktop using languages C and C++.

Features :

  • Cross Platform APIs
  • Web Marmalade (HTML5/JavaScript)
  • Platform Specific APIs and Extensions
  • Marmalade C++ SDK
  • Marmalade Quick (Lua)
  • Marmalade Juice (Obj-C)

To check more about Marmalade. Click here.

Games Built Using Marmalade SDK :

  • Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies
  • Doodle Jump
  • Need for Speed: Shift
  • And many more..

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Project Anarchy :How to Choose Right Engine for x86 Android Games

It is developed by Havok. It combines Havok’s key game technology with engine customized for mobile development.

Faetures :

  • Animation Studio
  • Automatic Script Validation
  • Advanced rendering system
  • FBX Integration
  • Blob Shadowing
  • Havok Vision Engine with Havok Physics
  • Scripting with Lua

To check more about Project Anarchy. Click here.

Comparison Between Engines :

Unreal Engine Marmalade Project Anarchy
Languages C++ C++, Obj-C, Lua, HTML5 C++, Lua
Dimensionality      3D Built for it Doable Built for it
                              2D Doable, samples Easiest Toolset in alpha
Full Source Yes No Some, all at higher tier
Cost $19/Month + 5% Free promo/$149+VAT Free
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We hope that this article ” How to Choose Right Engine for x86 Android Games ” is helpful for all those android developers who wants to develop android based games fast and easily. Any of the above Engine can be used as required by the developers. Please Comment regarding any query or if you want to give any feedback.

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