Hidden Tips And Tricks Of Mozilla Firefox In Android

Hidden Tips And Tricks Of Mozilla Firefox In Android : Mozilla Firefox is one of the most used Browser. Google Chrome is also used allot and it can be said that it is the number 1 contender for Mozilla Firefox. Both of these internet browser are used most and have allot more features. Most of the people or users who are using these Browsers doesn’t know about the hidden qualities of these browsers. Mozilla Firefox is an internet browser used just for browsing both on the computer and Smartphones. This browser is also used in android smartphones and is widely used. But Android users doesn’t know about the hidden features of this browser in their android smartphone or device. They can do allot of things with these browser and can save allot of time while doing that work manually. Tips and tricks of Mozilla Firefox in android device are hidden to the users but can be developed while searching for it. So Here we are with some finest tips and tricks for mozilla firefox in android.

Tips And Tricks Of Mozilla Firefox In Android

Hidden Tips And Tricks Of Mozilla Firefox In Android

Hidden Tips And Tricks Of Mozilla Firefox In Android :

These tips and tricks of mozilla firefox in android are highly beneficial. These can help you and make your work and browsing more efficient than before. So check them one by one and help yourself.

Articles To Reading List :

Most of the people who likes to read article in their smartphones knows about Reading List. Reading List is the option which identifies Articles and ask for the User opinion to put the article to reading list. This helps user or reader to read the article with better experience. This Experience is quite helping as this provides a better option and preview of the article and clearly shows the Article main point without any confusion.

But as this option in Mozilla Firefox is not enabled by default. So to enable this option, Mozilla Firefox identifies the article and provides you with the a small book icon in the right side of the address bar.  In order to put the article in the reading list tap on the book icon and you will see that the address bar will turn orange.

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Just after that you will notice that the Reader Mode is enabled. Now all you got to do is to tap on the book icon with a “+” next to it which will add the article into the Reading List.  Well Now if you’d like to read that article later or whenever then all you have to do is to swipe <– Left on the address bar which will lead you to the reading list.  Here all the article which you had saved in Reading List are present here.  In order to remove an article from the Reading List just tap and hold it  and select Remove. This is one of the best hidden Tips And Tricks Of Mozilla Firefox In Android and can help you allot.

Downloaded Files :

Well you have seen that while using Firefox in computer, Whenever you download a file it is also shown in Downloads section. This keeps you record the history what you had downloaded. As this option is also available in Mozilla Firefox in Android.

All you have to do is Firefox Menu->Tools->Downloads.

Tips And Tricks Of Mozilla Firefox In Android

Improve Privacy :

Privacy can be improved in two ways. Well when someone needs your Mozilla Firefox and you don’t want them to check what you do. You don’t want them to see your previous downloads, history or stored password. For this you can enable Guest Session.

For this, Firefox –> Options –> Tools –> Select the New Guest Session.

Another Method to improve Privacy is by doing it permanently. For this you have allot of options available in the Privacy menu available in the Firefox app.

All you have to do is to Go to: Menu –> Settings –> Privacy. Now here you can find options to erase the browsing history each time a session ends by selecting the “Clear on exit” box from the Privacy section. This can help you allot. As this trick is highly used and can be said that it is one of the best Tips And Tricks Of Mozilla Firefox In Android.

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Connect Firefox with Chromecast :

Chromecast is a device developed by Google. Most of the people thought that it can only be used with Chrome App but that’s not correct.  You can use the Firefox browser from your Android device to stream on your Google Chromecast.

Go to : Menu –> Tools –> Mirror Tab.  After that you will need to select Google Chrome in order to mirror the Firefox window.  In order to stop mirroring the Firefox window tap on the Firefox Menu button->Stop Mirror. Most of the people are afraid to use this but this is used allot by the users. This is a good Tips And Tricks Of Mozilla Firefox In Android.

Tips And Tricks Of Mozilla Firefox In Android

Change Homepage :

Most of you i know are annoyed with the homepage of your browser. Mozilla Firefox now lets you change it according to your requirement. For this all you have to do is to Install an Add-on Home Changer. To get this addon, In firefox for android, click here.

After installing, Go to: Add-ons –> Home Changer –> Preferences –> Now enter the web address of the site you want to set as your homepage.

Sync Data Between Devices :

I know most of you uses different devices to access internet. But some times you are annoyed as you want to transfer the data from one device to another. Here we are with the solution to sync data between devices. Main thing is that how to sync this data.

All you have to do is to create a Firefox Account. To create a Firefox account on your Android device tap on the address bar in Firefox. Swipe –> Right and look for Synced Tabs. Select “Get started”. Now you can create your Firefox account. Now open Firefox on your computer or any other device with Mozilla Firefox app, Go to : Menu button –> Sign in to Sync and use your username and password to login. This will sync your device with the android device in no time.

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