Enable / Disable Battery Saver In Micromax Yureka

Enable / Disable Battery Saver In Micromax Yureka : Most of the people are buying the brand new phones like Micromax Yureka. This is the phone based on CyanogenMod. It is one of the cheap phone relative to all the other costly smartphones. As this smartphone is new to the market, people are unaware of the in built things which are highly usable. On of the hidden thing which is available in this smartphone is Battery Saver. Everybody who uses smartphone always uses Battery saver which lets them save unwanted battery drain. This Battery Saver trick will lets Yureka users to save the battery as well as it will increase the battery and phone performance. So as you can see this is quite useful for every user who uses CyanogenMod. So lets start with the trick on Enable or Disable Battery Saver option.

Enable / Disable Battery Saver In Micromax Yureka :

As there is only one and only one genuine method to enable / disable battery saver in Micromax Yureka or CyanogenMod. This method doesn’t involve any wrong or risk so you don’t have to worry. This will tell you how to turn on battery saver mode in your smartphone.

  • First of all, Unlock your Smartphone if locked.
  • Swipe down on the screen for the Notification Bar.Enable / Disable Battery Saver In Micromax Yureka
  • Now Tap on the Symbol filled half blue on the upper right corner.
  • As you can see now, new options will be available where look for the plus sign symbol available on the top.
  • Tap on the Plus Sign Symbol located at the top in Blue Color.Enable / Disable Battery Saver In Micromax Yureka
  • Now in the Notification Bar ” + ADD ” option will be available.Enable / Disable Battery Saver In Micromax Yureka
  • Tap on it to add new options.
  • As a new pop up will arrive which will ask you to Choose a tile.
  • Scroll Down to select ” Performance Profile “.Enable / Disable Battery Saver In Micromax Yureka
  • Now the battery saver option is available on the notification barEnable / Disable Battery Saver In Micromax Yureka.
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Using this Performance Profile option, you can select three option including Battery Saver, Balanced and Performance Profile.

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