Download Brain Blink Game for Android : Review

Download Brain Blink for android :  Brain Blink is a new entertainment game in google play store. In this article I will give you download link for Brain Blink and i will tell on how to score high in Brain Blink. It’s a game for all age groups.

Gameplay: Brain Blink is a side-scrolling, 2 dimensional game suitable for age groups.  It has a simple UI and extremely difficult gameplay. In the Start, it seems to look quite simple but as you move on it starts to confuse you. You only need to tap on the last born kid. Each time you tap on a new born kid a new kid appears on the screen and you have to tap on that new born kid. If you tap on the kid which was born before the last kid you will lose. In the start it looks easy and simple as the number of kids are less but as you move on the number of kid increases and it will confuse you.

Download Brain Blink

Brain Blink is introduced in the market by RushGames. It is a puzzle game which is simple but hard.

How to play Brain Blink:

  • Just need to Tap on the Last Born Kid to move forward in the game.
  • Don’t tap on the kid which was born before the last kid.
  • Play different Levels Easy, Medium and Hard.

How to score high in Brain Blink:

Brain Blink requires high concentration skills. You cannot score high without practice so if you want to score high – Do Practice. All you got to do is to remember which kid is born last or which kid is new on the screen. Don’t get frustrated while playing this game just play patiently and keep your mind fresh while playing. Take breaks if you want and you think if they help.

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Important Tip: Count the Number of Kid in your mind while playing. It helps to remember the kids you had already tapped on.

Download Brain Blink

Main factor which makes this game addictive is its difficult gameplay (although it looks so simple) and to score higher than your friend.  It is difficult for you to accept that somebody else is scoring higher than you in this game.

Download Brain Blink for android from link given below.

Download Brain Blink for android

  • Install the game directly from the Google Play Store in your Android phone or tablet. Click on the above link to download and install the game directly.
  • It requires android 2.3 and up.

Game Size – 9.1 mb

  • Enjoy playing Brain Blink.

I hope you will like my article to download brain blink and score high in the game. So just start downloading and beat your friends score. Do share your score with us. Mine is 50.

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