Android L features, release date and news.

Android L features: New Operating system update is about to be launched for a Android users. Android v5.0 or Android L – Lollipop. User Interface of this android is totally changed by the Google Android Developers. Now lots of new features are introduced in this Android L update. Changes like in Notification Bar, Interlocking apps, and more. This android update Android L is much faster than the previous versions of Android and also faster than any other Operating System for any Phone or Tablet. Most of the important thing for any smartphone user is it’s battery. Here, in Android L Battery Performance is increased. Scroll Down to check more Android L features.

Android L features

Android L Features:

Notification Bar:

Android L updates the look of the android phones. It has introduced lots of new features which makes it the best operating system. One of the Android L key feature is that it has a new Notification bar. In Android L Notifications will be on your Lock Screen so that you don’t have to unlock the screen each time a new notification is there. Notification will be simply on your Locked Screen.

Also, Whenever you are playing a game or doing something important, At that time notification will pop up on your screen and it’s up to you to check them or not.

Android L New Look:

Android L looks are updated. All those who are using old Android versions will experience new look of the operating system. Home Screen Button, Back Button and Multitasking Buttons are changed. 3D tiles are introduced in the Android L which gives more classy look to the operating system.

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Android L features

New look of this operating system looks more real. Every ripple, animations and shadow of the processes look real.

Faster Operating System:

In comparison to all the previous versions of android and other operating system, Android L is the fastest. Android L Runtime is twice as fast as the Dalvik Runtime which is found on the previous Android versions. Android L has a standard of ART and optional runtime whch is found on Android Kitkat. It works with MIPS Platform, ARM and X86 which makes it faster than any thing.

Android L will support 64-Bit Processors.

Android L features

Improved Battery Life:

This Operating System made by Google increases the battery of the smartphone by 36%. It is huge for any smartphone user. Developers has the facility to know what is affecting ones smartphone experience. And they have discovered that the battery is ruining our experience.

On using Battery Saver Mode, Battery of the smartphone is increased by 90 mins. Initially 36% hike in the battery life and than this.

Android TV:

Android TV is also on their way to your Home. Google is introducing Android TV which are expected to be made by some finest Brands in the Electronics Sector like Sony, Sharp and Philips. Also the set top boxes may be designed by the brands like ASUS.

Well, Android TV is supported by Android L. Android L has the feature to be the Remote to your TV. It has a features like if you want to search for any thing, you can simply say it on your phone or Android Wear and it will appear on the Android TV. It will ask you to watch it on Google Play Store or any other compatible app using your Android TV.

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Interlocking Apps:

With this feature in Android L, apps installed in you Smartphone can connect to each other. This interlocking feature includes apps to connect which will help optimize your search. Like one app can directly lead you to the other if the work is much supported their and it can be easily done in other app.

Android L features

Voice Commanded Unlocking:

This new feature is awesome. Now with Android L, you can unlock your smartphone just by Voice Command. Phone has to be confirmed about you, If it verifies you as the owner of the Phone. it will directly take you to the home screen by passing the Lock Screen.

Android L Features can’t be described in a single article. They are so much. I’m sure just like me every one is waiting for the Android L. Android L will release in the month of November, 2014. Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 will come with the Android L update.

Please Comment for your experience with the Android L whenever it is released. check more about Android L Features here.

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