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How to disable all ads in Windows 10

The important difference between Windows 10 and its previous versions – a new policy on promoting services within the operating system. Earlier, when users purchase Windows, they were getting some service-packs and forget about further functional updates after that. But today the situation has changed drastically. Together

How to remove ads in Skype

Besides the performing of the main tasks, Skype desktop version (as Windows 10 too) can also annoy users by showing ads, banners or pop-ups. These one must disappear in case you have some amount of money on your Skype balance or purchased the Office 365 subscription. But

How to clear clipboard in Windows 10?

Almost every day we are using clipboards on different devices, including Windows operating system. In this short article we will take a deeper look at the Windows 10 clipboard and show how to clear it up. What is a clipboard? Clipboard is a special zone at RAM,

How to fix sec_error_revoked_certificate in Mozilla Firefox

The problem with certificate can occur in different browsers. Nowadays, many Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla users often facing with such problems. That’s why we decided to find the solution for sec_error_revoked_certificate error in Mozilla Firefox. sec_error_revoked_certificate error – how is it look like? Most likely,

How to set Windows 10 Taskbar transparency level?

In recent Windows 10 builds there is no option to allow user to set up the transparency level of the system elements. Most likely, this feature will be implemented in new versions of OS (Project NEON), but that won’t happen in the nearest future. But the user